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Wonderful Cleanser!
January 05, 2014
Hi Guzel, great review and thanks for adding a picture of your trial box! How about a video next time :)
Had a go but...
January 05, 2014
I found this really tricky and managed to burn my leg too quite badly!!
Nice but too mild
October 18, 2013
Shame as they sounded like they might be good
Nice colour and easy to use
October 15, 2013
Many thanks bougheyrm for adding these photos and thanks to your friend for testing & reviewing the product.
Bananas in my hair
August 19, 2013
Thanks Catsholiday - a very useful review :)
Jean Paul in a Tin
(Updated: August 17, 2013) August 17, 2013
Very well done, gregdessar! It's a great 1st review! Do not hesitate to contact us if you need help with the reviews, listings or forums.
Great product, would definitely recommend.
August 15, 2013
Very well done, smeeth! It's a very good 1st review. Our visitors are eager on this kind of detailed and thoughtful feedback. They are much more enjoyable and popular readings than rushed comments. Thank you for adding your own photos of the serum.
German quality
August 09, 2013
Brilliant find, great addition to the catalogue and impressive review. Very well done, catsholiday!
A great alternative
July 28, 2013
I loved this one and indeed all the others I have tried - they are great for night time
Sweet and spicy
July 28, 2013
The bottle is beautiful - most of hers are very different - they are not cheap though!!
Very light
July 28, 2013
I'm not normally a fan of Yardley fragrances, but I really liked this - just a shame that the fragrance disappears so quickly.
Simply Fantasic!!
July 15, 2013
Great review! I totally agree with you on all points! Amazing treatment!
Orange & Cinnamon - A Perfect Marriage
May 01, 2013
You're right, it does smell like Lush's Karma.
Not the most original name
April 16, 2013
Thanks for the review on this Catsholiday, i had totally forgot i had this perfume. My daughter won it some 6+ months ago, and gave it to me, because of the floral, feminine scent. After reading your review, i think it's time i got it out and tried it...Many thanks.
Intoxicating product
April 01, 2013
Hi Dese. Thank you for this great review. Please remember that you are also eligible for a voucher and a free accessory for reviewing the same item on MuLondon website. Go to: to proceed.
126 results - showing 46 - 60
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