Apple & Bears Bergamot & Green Tea Gift Set

I was lucky and was chosen to try this lovely gift set of the Apple & Bears product in return for writing my views about it on this site in my blog page.

I admit that prior to their offer I had never heard of this company so I was keen to see what they made and what their products were like.

A bit about Apple & Bears

I have been very impressed with what I have found out about this company. They are a family owned, small, British company which I always like to support and to make it even better they only use organic and natural ingredients in all their products.

...."formulas are created by a team of specialists dedicated in the field of natural and ecological products. Our manufacturing process pursues ethical and social responsibility towards the environment. Each of our products are manufactured wholly in the United Kingdom and overseen by our head office in Wraysbury, England." Apple & Bears

I also was impressed to find that 5% of every bottle of their products sold, they donate to Breast Cancer care charity which is a worthy cause and a long term commitment to a good cause. All their bottles have the Breast Cancer ribbon on them.

"Apple & Bears aspires to make a difference by investing back into our planet and purposely avoiding direct conflict between the environment, human and animal rights.
Our ethical philosophy embraces responsibility for the manufacturing process from sourcing ingredients to transportation and distribution. We also take responsibility for the care of the people who make our products possible and the environment they live in." Apple & Bears

More about the products

The set I had was one full sized bottle of the Apple & Bears Bergamot & Green Tea Body Wash (300ml) and also a bottle of the Apple & Bears Bergamot & Green Tea Body Silk (250ml). These are both sold individually on the site too so you don't have to buy both as a set:

Apple & Bears also sell a number of other scent options in the same individual bottles and gift sets and they are the same prices: Grapefruit & Seaweed, Pomegranate & Aloe Vera and finally Honey & Hemp. They all sound great and quite original combinations too.

Apple & Bears Bergamot & Green Tea Body Wash

"Stimulate and rejuvenate your body and mind with powerful anti-oxidant Bergamot & Green Tea renowned for their anti-ageing properties. Moisturise and re-hydrate your skin with this boosting body wash and citrus aroma for an energising bath and shower experience." Apple & Bears

This is suitable for both men and women and all skin types. It is free of parabens, gluten, SLS and phthalayes and formulated with 100% natural fragrances and plant based ingredients so suitable for vegans and vegetarians too. All their products are 100% free from any animal testing. You can buy this in either 300ml for £18.00 or 500ml for £25.00 or as part of the gift set like I had for £34.95.

My views on the body wash?

This smells very natural, sort of gentle herb like citrus, which is mainly the bergamot I feel. I am not really sure the green tea has much of a scent to be honest. It is fresh and green, as in leaf sort of scent but not really a strong scent to me.

This comes in a pretty white plastic, recyclable bottle with a classy sort of minimalist logo in the centre front and the name of the company and scent variety also on the front. The body wash has a press down flip up lid and you just tip the bottle squeeze and out comes the clear honey coloured gel like shower/bath wash.

It does not have a strong scent but it is pleasant and fresh. The gel lathers up gently and gives enough to feel like you are getting your body clean and once the gel is damp the scent comes through a bit more strongly I felt.

I have also used this as a bubble bath and it gave a decent amount of lather and a lovely citrus scented bath. The bathroom did fill with the aroma and made it a lovely luxurious bath experience.

When using this I have not had any reaction or skin irritation. My skin didn't feel particularly moisturised but neither did it feel parched and dried our either. Once I had dried myself the scent didn't linger on my skin. My skin felt nice and fresh, not tight and dried out and if I really sniffed, I could just about detect a nice gentle freshness, not obviously bergamot in my view.

The finest organic & natural ingredients inside

"From sourcing to manufacturing, our product ingredients contain the purest quality extracts of flower and plant that are ethically sustainable and Eco-certified natural and organic." Apple & Bears
"...formulations are safe, organically derived where possible and 100% paraben and SSL free." Apple & Bears

Would I recommend the body wash?

Yes! This is a lovely natural scented product. I have faith that as a natural and eco friendly company, they are not slipping in chemical into the products. As they state, they are honest and open about what goes into all their products.

I think this is quite expensive for a body wash but it does compare with Bohdi & Birch and other high quality natural products so a fair price for the quality I suppose. If you compare it with supermarket brands then it does seem a bit expensive.

If you are looking for a quality British company making natural, animal and eco-friendly products then take a look at what Apple & Bears have to offer. You can't buy directly from their website but that it does have links to resellers, so take a look and check them out.

Apple & Bears Bergamot & Green Tea Body Lotion or Body Silk 

Moving on to the Apple & Bears Body Lotion or Body Silk in the same scent...

"Who says you can’t enjoy a little luxury when you’re up against time each morning?"Apple & Bears

In my gift box I also received the body silk in a bottle containing 250ml of the product so a full sized bottle as the gift set was exactly the one you buy for £34.95. I won't go through all the benefits of the company, Apple & Bears, again as all the ethics and philosophy will be the same as it is for all their products. 

"Beautifully balanced with natural botanical ingredients, our Bergamot & Green Tea Body Silk gently uplifts and nourishes the skin with antioxidant rich Green Tea and citrus Bergamot. Re-energises and improves the overall appearance of your skin while the silky, smooth and natural active skin firming ingredient leaves your skin looking firmer, youthful, nourished and radiant." Apple & Bears 

Rather oddly that they say it is formulated for women while the body wash was for men and women. Obviously they feel that men don't need to use a body lotion!

It is suitable for all skin types and scented with extracts from real fruit and flowers so the fragrance is 100% natural. The ingredients are Natural & Organic Ecocert Greenlife certified.

As with the body wash, the ingredients are gluten free and have no parabens or phthalates. The lotion is suitable for vegans and vegetarians. The ingredients are chosen as they are naturally skin firming.

The product is 100% free from animal testing and as I mentioned before Apple & Bears support the Breast Cancer charity. 5% of all their sales go to the charity and all their bottles carry the pink breast cancer ribbon. I also like the fact that they pay a fair wage to the people in all the countries they source the ingredients from.

My views on the body silk?

This comes in a matching white classy looking bottle to the body wash only instead of a flip top cap this has a pump with a nozzle. This works well and one pump give s good amount for applying to your skin. If I get too much of a lotion out at a time I find I have to dot it around so that I spread it evenly. You can vary the amount that comes out depending on how hard you press down the pump.

The lotion is white and quite thick, a normal sort of body lotion thickness, certainly not butter thickness. It feel cool and refreshing when applied and soaks in pretty quickly as all natural products do as they are absorbed by the skin rather than sitting on top which is what petroleum base products do.

It smells of mild citrus but more herby than lemony. It smells to me exactly like bergamot smells in my garden mixed with a creamy lotion not dairy cream so maybe some plant based oils and of course the leafy aroma of green tea also adds to the garden aroma. Not earthy and deep but leafy and natural with that lemony herb aroma.

It leaves my skin feeling smooth and well moisturised but not greasy at all. After application I can get dressed pretty much straight away and there is not greasy or damp feeling on my skin.

I find the scent doesn't hang around long on my skin but the nice soft and well moisturised feeling does. I quite like that the scent is subtle as it means I can wear my own perfume and this does not interfere with it.

Would I recommend the body lotion?

Yes! This is a lovely body lotion, gentle, not irritating to sensitive skin, it smells pleasant but not too strong and makes my skin feel nice to touch and how it feels in itself inside.

It is certainly more expensive than the average supermarket or high street brand but it is comparable with other high quality, made in UK, natural products.


E:30/09/14, Win 1 x Elemis Time For You Spa & Skincare Collection

This month we are offering our members a chance to win an Elemis Time For You Spa & Skincare Collection worth RRP £39.00. This beautifully presented gift set includes a luxury cosmetic bag and a wonderful selection of best-sellers to indulge your body and soul.

This collection contains all the essentials needed to nourish, protect and hydrate your skin, leaving you feeling soft, supple and healthy from head to toe. As well as improving the condition of your skin, they'll also help to soothe and relax your mind, thanks to the aromatic fragrances. This wonderful set will also make the perfect gift for that special someone. Apply before 30 September 2014.

1 x Quiet Mind Bath Elixir, 300ml Full Size

Relaxes and de-stresses your body and mind, thanks to the rich blend of aromatic oils. Enriched with patchouli, ho wood and eucalyptus, it promotes tranquilty, whilst a cocoa butter derived cleansing agent softens your skin.

1 x Pro-Radiance Hand & Nail Cream, 20ml

Quickly absorbing, the blend of nourishing ingredients form a silky barrier to protect and condition your skin, as well as locking in moisture. Your hands will be left soft and smooth, with no greasy residue.

1 x Skin Nourishing Body Lotion, 50ml

Enriched with milk protein, oat kernel, camellia and macadamia and jojoba oils, it replenishes and softens dry skin, balancing your skin's pH and helping to relax the mind.

1 x Pro-Radiance Cream Cleanser Pump, 30ml

Formulated with purifying and cleansing plant extracts that leave your skin wonderfully scented, the cream also protects and defends the skin against daily pollutants thanks to the high level of antioxidants.

1 x Cellular Recovery, 14 Caps

Enriched with pure moringa oil, it has fantastic anti-ageing properties which improves your skin's elasticity and youthfulness. The nourishing antioxidants fight the visible signs of ageing and help to banish toxins from your skin.

1 x Gentle Rose Exfoliator, 15ml

Wonderfully hydrating, the gentle exfoliating action leaves your skin renewed and refined, as it carefully buffs away dead skin cells and impurities. Your complexion will be left looking brighter and more radiant.

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  7. Samples can be delivered worldwide.
  8. Apply before 30 September 2014.

5 Days with Vaseline Men Body Lotion Fast Absorbing

Usually I don’t log my trials this closely but I thought that it might be (semi!) interesting to follow a trial over a few days and to record the different ways that I get to try out these products. This one was a week at home rather than a working week as that really would be dull (commute, work, commute) so most of it is spent in the garden, at the gym, cleaning and cooking.

Day 1

Okay from the video you can see that Vaseline Men Body Lotion is very (very) liquid; it’s almost a milk and so it’s very easy to over use. This is a pity as you don’t need that much as it covers easily and absorbs very quickly.

For my first test I used it after my shower following a long back breaking day digging stones out of the garden (seriously where do they all come from!). You can see in the pictures and the video that I’ve poured the samples (well some of them anyway) into a small pot. I do this for some very practical reasons (taking it to the gym and on holiday, being careful about how much I use, not cluttering the bathroom up with bottles) and one very daft reason: I can never open sachets without scissors! If it was me, a dessert island and a packet of nuts (but no scissors) I’m not sure I’d survive.

The one you can see is from Muji and I use these because I found that the lids don’t break and they’re pretty secure whilst not being too expensive (£1.75 for a 30g Cream Pot). As you can see from the video the lotion isn’t easy to handle from my pot because it’s very light but that’s my fault rather than the products.

The scent is very recognisable as Vaseline but there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s light and not sweet or feminine which makes it ideal for the gym as well as home. In use a finger end of lotion which is enough for an arm. You do feel it on the skin even though it does absorb quickly and for me it left a slightly cold feeling not unpleasant but noticeable. The scent lingers after use (again not unpleasant but noticeable) and even using tiny amounts I felt that my skin was slight damp even a few minutes after use.

Straight from the shower it works well and it certainly helped me feel better after a long day digging up rocks!

Day 2

Today I walked to the gym to test Vaseline Men Body Lotion after a workout session and in the cramped conditions of the changing room. It’s not uncommon for men to use moisturiser at the gym (whether they’d admit to it is another issue) but certainly Vaseline packaging makes it more male friendly and therefore more likely to be added to the kit bag.

I had the same issue as yesterday in that the lotion is so light that it can be hard not to overuse it. This is worse at the gym where you don’t have the time or space to do things in a more measured way. Despite a little spillage (a disadvantage of the lotion being decanted into the pot) it was again easy to apply and absorbed pretty well even after a couple of hours in the gym and then the steam room. It certainly felt good on my skin and helped settle down my skin for the walk home.

Day 3

Back to the garden and a long walk to do some shopping (actually I didn’t buy anything which is always a good result for me). I’ve been wondering how the lotion would handle the amount of time I spend outside in the sun. Between cycling, walking and gardening I probably get too much direct sun on my arms and neck so I usually use something with SPF and do quite a lot of moisturising. After three days of using Vaseline Men Body Lotion I must admit my skin is holding up pretty well. When I test it the skin is actually well moisturised and feels smooth but for some reason my mind keeps telling me that my skin looks dry. I think this is just me getting used to the differences between my usual moisturiser and this one.

Day 4

The weekend so it’s everyday shopping, cooking and cleaning – well there was a bit of gardening first thing! After four days I’m getting used to the lightness of the lotion (far fewer spills) and overall I rather like how it feels on my skin. I still have a strange dislocation between how the skin feels to touch and how it feels in my mind but the reality is that it absorbs and works well.

Day 5

Nothing too strenuous today, shopping, cooking and a few trips to the tip (the result of gardening always seems to be more trips to the tip!). So how have the five days of using Vaseline Men Body Lotion gone and how does my skin feel? Well I can’t say that I can see any difference but given the hard pressure I put my skin under (too many hours in the sun, sweating at the gym and grimy from digging in the garden) I must admit that it feels better than when I use my usual moisturiser. There is still a slight nagging feel of coolness in the skin, not a bad thing but a little too noticeable. I’d probably get used to it after a while but it does seem to sit a little too much at the forefront of my mind.


I rather enjoyed using this lotion and it definitely made a change to my normal one which is much thicker and doesn’t absorb as well. I haven’t tried the retail bottled version so I don’t know what it would be like to use that but it’s too liquid to use in a gym setting easily in my small tub. I think it would be a great alternative and it would interesting to try the other products in the range.


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Vaseline Men Body Lotion Fast Absorbing | 2,000 x 7ml Samples Giveaway

This month we are giving away 2,000 samples of the Vaseline Men Body Lotion Fast Absorbing for resilient and moisturised skin to keep your other half looking and feeling healthy.

Depending on the number of applications received, we will deliver up to a week's supply per person until we run out of stock.

Vaseline® Men skincare line is specially formulated with a man's needs in mind. It delivers just the right amount of hydration for healthy looking and resilient skin, no matter what the day brings.

Vaseline® Men Fast Absorbing Body Lotion helps the skin, as it is the body’s first line of defence – the stronger it is, the healthier you are.  This uniquely designed lotion fortifies men’s skin to make it resilient, therefore performing efficiently.  Keep it on standby at home or take the conveniently sized sachets with you on the go.

Vaseline® Men Fast Absorbing Body Lotion tackles skin dryness in just 15 seconds. The fast absorbing, non-greasy formulation contains Stratys-3™ multi-layer moisture, to provide men with 24-hour moisture for strong skin.


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July 13 | Win 1 of 2 x Soap & Glory Bubble Time Gift Sets

2 x Soap & Glory Bubble Time Gift Sets

Enter our July prize draw for your chance to win 1 of 2 Soap & Glory sets, which include a 500ml Rich & Famous Super Creamy Body Wash, a 500ml Smoothie Star Deep Moisture Body Milk and a retro alarm clock.

This limited edition of bath and body products is full of luxurious ingredients to indulge yourself this summer. After enjoying a sunny and hot day without wasting a moment, what you really needs is a glamorous bubble bath time.

This nice sturdy gift box looks gorgeous, smells heavenly and will bring lots of suds and glory to your bathing experience. 


1 x Smoothie Star Deep Moisture Body Milk, 500ml, £10.00 

Feel like rubbing shoulders (and knees, and elbows) with the elite?

Massage in a handful of Smoothie Star™ Body Moisture Milk! Loaded with skin-softening cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil and Soap & Glory's Waterlock™ moisture-trapping matrix, it also conditions, thanks to its delicious (but in this case, definitely not edible) oat, yoghurt & honey formula.

With its delectable almond, oat & brown sugar scent, it pairs perfectly with Soap & Glory's Rich & Foamous™ Bath & Body Wash and maple-fragranced Breakfast Scrub™ Body Smoother.

"Soap & Glory is obliged to inform you that despite the hunger-pang inducing scent, Smoothie Star is not a food."


1 x Soap & Glory Rich & Famous Body Wash, 500ml, £6.50

The next best thing to waking up to the smell of fresh baking is taking a shower with Rich & Foamous™ Body Wash. Super creamy, ultra sudsy, conditioning on dry skin, it's everything you ever wanted in a wash.

A veritable smoothie of supers, it combines raw flower honey and almond milk, moisturising coconut oil, sweet almond oil and cocoa butter, and M-Suds™ MoistureBoost system, Supersoft-N™ skin conditioners and lactic acid.

Soap & Glory™ formulas are not tested on animals, only but very picky people who had this to say: “It was an amazing product that smelt divine,” "My skin felt really soft".

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Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion

When my step daughter lived with us for six months after her marriage split we had the pleasure of granddaughter and her company and all the ups and downs that go along with that closeness.
Partly the stress and partly other things caused my step daughter’s eczema to flare up again and so in order to avoid using steroid cream we did some investigation as to what was new on the market that we had not tried before.
The product that came up as being more natural and very calming for eczematic skin was this Aveeno lotion or aloe vera lotion. We had tried aloe vera a few times before so thought this was worth a try.

Aveeno products & how they are created

Product Range l Avenoo

This particular lotion is for dry skin, there are other lotions for extra dry irritable skin and for dry eczematic skin.
Aveeno products are created using naturally beneficial ingredients such as oats and soy. All their skin products have been dermalogically tested for safety and efficacy. Read More
The process of manufacturing the colloidal oatmeal does not involve and chemical solvents. The oat oil is extracted through an environmentally friendly process and the oat essence is carefully extracted and is the most important anti-irritant ingredients of this product. Full Ingredients

Oaty goodness

Oat l Avenoo

Oats have been known to be soothing on the skin for many years and they also create a protective barrier on the skin which stops moisture loss. Read more.

The packaging

Available Sizes l 200 & 300 ml

This comes in a plastic upside down tube with the lid as the base. The lid is a flip up lid that clicks down to shut the opening. It holds 200ml of creamy goodness.
The tube of course can be recycled through you usual plastic recycling method. When you get near the end of the tube it is harder to get the cream out and the last bit I found I had to cut my tube to get out the last scrapings.
This is not tested on animals and has no animal products in it so is Vegan friendly.

The tube

The tube with the product is pretty plain looking a dark cream colour with muted greens and browns. The tube has the brand name on the front and basic information printed on the back of the tube. On the front it says that the lotion has “naturally active collodial oatmeal and it states that the lotion “moisturises dry skin for 24 hours”. It is also stated clearly that it is fragrance free so if anyone has a problem with fragranced ingredients this would be suitable.

The texture

The cream is a creamy whitish colour, quite thick but rather light feeling. It doesn’t feel heavy and greasy at all. I find that this spreads easily and a little goes a long way. The cream soaks in easily and quickly leaving my skin feeling cool and soothed as well as well moisturised without any greasy feeling at all.
The product has very small finely-milled oats in it which initially I found a little weird but it doesn’t feel like a scrub at all, in fact you barely notice it after the initial first observation.

The use

I have never had any problem with this being absorbed into my skin no matter how dry or sore it has been. As I have said before my step daughter suffers really badly at times with eczema and she finds this helps keep her skin feeling less irritated and dry.
We have also used it on our granddaughter when she has had eczema and also when she had a sore bum and we couldn’t find the nappy cream. I wouldn’t suggest using this instead of nappy cream but for the odd occasion it does do a pretty good job.
- When I have sore eczematic skin patches, I put this on at least twice a day and often more if it gets itchy. It really does calm my skin and leaves it feeling cool and less sore.
- When I don’t have eczema skin patches, I use this at night as I find it is a great moisturiser and in the morning my skin still feels soft and not dry at all.

The scent

The smell is subtle and not unpleasant as it has not got any perfume added. It smells a little like porridge oats and with a very slight creamy and clean sort of odour but hardly noticeable.


Yes indeed as this is a far more natural product that many that are sold for eczema and oats are so wonderfully naturally soothing and moisturising.
If you do suffer from eczema as well as using this stuff you can make yourself a bath additive using oats and lavender essential oil. Put the oats in a muslin bag and let it hang where the water is coming in from the tap or just drop it in your bath water and add a couple of drops of lavender essential oil in the bath and this is soothing for your skin and calming for your brain and body so will help your sleep.
This is a perfect and very cheap way to enjoy a relaxing bath prior to going to bed. After the bath just give your dry skin a feed with this cream and hop into bed. You will wake refreshed and with your skin feeling soft and well moisturised.
Read more reviews or add yours, here.

March 12│Win a free Lancôme Trésor In Love Gift Set

Congratulations to last month star reviewers: gypsonic and bresnahan

With 331 reviews, 206 listings and 164 threads, gypsonic was our most active member, followed by bresnahan with 389 reviews, 1 listing. They are the co-winners of our February 2012 prize, the Yves Saint Laurent Opium Gift Set.

Lancôme, 76 years of luxury and elegance

Lancôme was founded in 1935 by Armand Petitjean with a simple motive: to create a beauty brand that would deliver French elegance around the world.

The name was inspired by the ruins of a castle, Le Château de Lancosme, while the roses in the area inspired the company’s symbol of the single golden rose.

Since the launch of its first five fragrances in 1935 at the World's Fair in Brussels, Lancôme has expanded its business into makeup and skincare products.

The brand represented by the most famous actresses, global supermodels, makeup artists, and perfumers has been part of L'Oréal since 1964.

Lancôme Must-Have Skincare Travel Set

Twenty years ago, Lancôme created a unique perfume which became a Legend of Haute Parfumerie: Trésor.

Discover Trésor In Love, Lancôme's fragrance sensation that captures the spirit of the first moment of love.

The treasured moment when everything starts, a liberated spirit of romance conveyed with floral notes... Both luminous and vibrant, sensual and radiant, Trésor in Love is a soaring hymn to love. The heroine of Trésor in Love lives her love story with a disarming spontaneity.

The juice of Trésor in Love was made with many contrasts: a new irresistible floral, composed of a touch of nectarine and wood of cedar, a characteristic rose and a bright jasmine. Object of desire with slender lines, the bottle of Trésor in Love delivers a resolutely modern energy, like an essence of today. A black satin rose adorns the bottle like a lucky charm around the neck.

This month, we are giving away a Lancôme Trésor in Love Gift Set to our top reviewer containing:

How to join our free online competition?

  • To qualify you must be a registered member and you must post the highest number of reviews in March.
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  • We will select and contact the top reviewer of the month by the 31th March 2012.
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  • Click here to access the list of the past winners of our monthly competitions.
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