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When my step daughter lived with us for six months after her marriage split we had the pleasure of granddaughter and her company and all the ups and downs that go along with that closeness.
Partly the stress and partly other things caused my step daughter’s eczema to flare up again and so in order to avoid using steroid cream we did some investigation as to what was new on the market that we had not tried before.
The product that came up as being more natural and very calming for eczematic skin was this Aveeno lotion or aloe vera lotion. We had tried aloe vera a few times before so thought this was worth a try.

Aveeno products & how they are created

Product Range l Avenoo

This particular lotion is for dry skin, there are other lotions for extra dry irritable skin and for dry eczematic skin.
Aveeno products are created using naturally beneficial ingredients such as oats and soy. All their skin products have been dermalogically tested for safety and efficacy. Read More
The process of manufacturing the colloidal oatmeal does not involve and chemical solvents. The oat oil is extracted through an environmentally friendly process and the oat essence is carefully extracted and is the most important anti-irritant ingredients of this product. Full Ingredients

Oaty goodness

Oat l Avenoo

Oats have been known to be soothing on the skin for many years and they also create a protective barrier on the skin which stops moisture loss. Read more.

The packaging

Available Sizes l 200 & 300 ml

This comes in a plastic upside down tube with the lid as the base. The lid is a flip up lid that clicks down to shut the opening. It holds 200ml of creamy goodness.
The tube of course can be recycled through you usual plastic recycling method. When you get near the end of the tube it is harder to get the cream out and the last bit I found I had to cut my tube to get out the last scrapings.
This is not tested on animals and has no animal products in it so is Vegan friendly.

The tube

The tube with the product is pretty plain looking a dark cream colour with muted greens and browns. The tube has the brand name on the front and basic information printed on the back of the tube. On the front it says that the lotion has “naturally active collodial oatmeal and it states that the lotion “moisturises dry skin for 24 hours”. It is also stated clearly that it is fragrance free so if anyone has a problem with fragranced ingredients this would be suitable.

The texture

The cream is a creamy whitish colour, quite thick but rather light feeling. It doesn’t feel heavy and greasy at all. I find that this spreads easily and a little goes a long way. The cream soaks in easily and quickly leaving my skin feeling cool and soothed as well as well moisturised without any greasy feeling at all.
The product has very small finely-milled oats in it which initially I found a little weird but it doesn’t feel like a scrub at all, in fact you barely notice it after the initial first observation.

The use

I have never had any problem with this being absorbed into my skin no matter how dry or sore it has been. As I have said before my step daughter suffers really badly at times with eczema and she finds this helps keep her skin feeling less irritated and dry.
We have also used it on our granddaughter when she has had eczema and also when she had a sore bum and we couldn’t find the nappy cream. I wouldn’t suggest using this instead of nappy cream but for the odd occasion it does do a pretty good job.
- When I have sore eczematic skin patches, I put this on at least twice a day and often more if it gets itchy. It really does calm my skin and leaves it feeling cool and less sore.
- When I don’t have eczema skin patches, I use this at night as I find it is a great moisturiser and in the morning my skin still feels soft and not dry at all.

The scent

The smell is subtle and not unpleasant as it has not got any perfume added. It smells a little like porridge oats and with a very slight creamy and clean sort of odour but hardly noticeable.


Yes indeed as this is a far more natural product that many that are sold for eczema and oats are so wonderfully naturally soothing and moisturising.
If you do suffer from eczema as well as using this stuff you can make yourself a bath additive using oats and lavender essential oil. Put the oats in a muslin bag and let it hang where the water is coming in from the tap or just drop it in your bath water and add a couple of drops of lavender essential oil in the bath and this is soothing for your skin and calming for your brain and body so will help your sleep.
This is a perfect and very cheap way to enjoy a relaxing bath prior to going to bed. After the bath just give your dry skin a feed with this cream and hop into bed. You will wake refreshed and with your skin feeling soft and well moisturised.
Read more reviews or add yours, here.
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