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After first discovering the organic brand ThisWorks in a stocking filler beauty box from Latest in Beauty just over a year ago, when I received a delicious sample of ThisWorks No Wrinkles Extreme Moisturiser, I decided it was time to get to know this brand better. At that time, ThisWorks products weren't quite as easy to find as they are now, but larger branches of Boots are now stocking this brand, so everyone can now get hold of items without much difficulty.

I started using four products by this brand, and, to ensure that I would know their effects, I resisted the temptation to dip into all my other delightful beauty box samples, which continued to arrive... I promised myself that I would use up both items which you will find in a duo set plus two addional items I had received from another source and report back to you on the efficacy of this brand. My sizes were travel sizes, but those available at present are full sized items.

I decided that this range would be my 'spring regime' which would need to keep my skin in good condition and stand up to my punishing morning schedule. As I get up at 5.30 a.m. and leave the house at 6.30 a.m., there would be no time for annoying, fiddly containers. Everything needed to be quick and easy, and the same for my evening routine, when I returned, exhausted and ready for bed.

The Products

The duo products plus the additonal items were:

  • perfect eyes recovery cream
  • perfect cleavage firming lotion
  • perfect hands intense moisture
  • enjoy multi-tasking lotion

The multi-tasking lotion was one of the suppementary items that did not feature in the duo, however it complemented the other face products. In addition, being an everywhere moisturiser, I could test it out on my eczema prone patches of skin, to really give the brand a run for its money, and let you know how suitable it is for sufferers. This is always a question for me when choosing a new product, although I am drawn to products with fragrance, which aren't always suitable for my skin.

The product sizes ranged from 15ml to 30ml depending on the product, and they all lasted about a month to six weeks, with daily use. This excluded the hand cream, which I forgot to use regularly, as it was in my handbag, and there was still a little product left after the others were finished.

perfect cleavage firming lotion

This product came in a handy 15ml rigid plastic, pump-action container. The pump action enabled quick and clean dispensing of this product onto fingertips. There was no wastage and the pump delivered cleanly without any residue left on the nozzle. This was very important for my sleepy start in the morning!

The aroma of the product was intense and intoxicating, and I felt as though I was having my own mini spa treatment each day. I felt relaxed by the scent of essential oils contained within the product, even before it touched my skin.

The little went a long way of this product. I used about three pumps for my entire neck and decollete area. With this amount of usage the 15ml lasted about a month. I am quite greedy with this kind of product, feeling my skin needs as much nourishment as possible, and I felt that this was a good length of time for the product to last, given my usage.

The product was quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving it feeling soft and supple, and giving me a feeling of well-being, which was generated by a combination of the silky texture of the product with the amazing aroma it provided.

perfect eyes recovery cream

Next on the agenda was the eye cream. Again, I tend to be quite greedy with this kind of product, feeling my skin needs all the help it can get, especially with such an early morning start, which often follows a shortened night's sleep. Although I know that a minimal amount of eye cream is generally used, as this kind of product can cause puffiness, this is not a symptom that I generally suffer from.  I often over use this kind of product, which I am told can reduce its efficacy. This particular product stated that it helped with dark circles. Again, this is not something I usually suffer from, but last autumn, I found it very difficult to adjust to my 5.30 start and circles were a perpetual and persistent problem for me at the time!

The product had a faintly wheaty smell, but it was barely perceptible. It was virtually odourless. I confess this secretly diappointed me a little, as I have come to associate this brand with strong, natural scent derived from essential oils, and it is a feature that I actively seek when I use their products.

The product size was 15ml had the same rigid plastic, pump action container as the serum, and delivered just as cleanly. The product lasted about six-seven weeks. The cream was light-textured and opaque. I found it a little sticky on my eye lids, but it was absorbed fairly quickly. The stickiness could have been avoided by using less product or limiting use to the browbone. However, my eyes were feeling constantly tired and I hoped the cream would ease the sensation.

I paid particular attention to the product's effect on my circles, but I didn't really feel that it was effective for me, even after a month of use. The circles persisted and I didn't feel that the product changed the degree to which I suffered.

enjoy multi-tasking lotion

This product did not come in the duo set, but complemented the other face products, so I used them all together. Of all the products used, this is turned out to be my favourite, as its versatility makes it a great all-rounder.

This travel sized product was contained in a squeezy plastic tube with a screw cap, on which it stood. Dispensing the product was not as simple as with the other items, nor regulating the quantity used. However, the full sized product comes in the usual rigid container with a dispensing nozzle.  The scent of the product was delightful and uplifting. It had a powerful aroma, which encouraged me to breathe deeply, and which I found relaxing to use. The density of the product was mid-textured, and it smoothed across the skin very easily.

I found that I wanted to use a little on my hands, which reduced my usage of the dedicated hand cream. I put a little on the patches of skin where I suffer from eczema, as I generally moisturise these sections of skin morning and night with aqueous cream to prevent flare up. I swapped the aqueous cream for the product to see if my skin could tolerate a scented cream for this purpose.

I found this product a delight and my skin lapped it up. It left the surface a little damp for a few minutes, and I wasn't able to apply SPF straight away until the cream had been absorbed. However, I felt it was worth it. The scent of this product is quite strong, and some might find that they dislike this aspect. For me it was a bonus, as I was actively seeking a product that delighted all senses, and didn't upset my sensitive skin.

perfect hands intense moisture

This product had less use than the other items, partly because of the versatility of the Multi-tasking lotion, and partly because it was in my handbag, and I often didn't have time to apply it once I arrived at work.

The container is made of a squeezy tube with a cap that has a flip top. I found this useful as it doesn't undo itself and make a mess in your bag, nor will you accidentally lose the cap, especially when out and about or you are trying to do a balancing act on public transport, as is generally the case for me. The cream itself has a mid-to-rich texture, which is readily absorbed by the skin. It hydrates well and is effective for extensive periods of time. Despite the fact that I didn't get to use this product as often as the others from the set, the rose scent was delicious and relaxing, and I really enjoyed every moment of its application. However, I would say that I felt rather self conscious using it in a crowded location, such as on public transport, during the commute to work. I was aware that the scent was exceedingly powerful, and may not be to everyone's taste in the early morning. I thought this might bother fellow passengers.

Brand Ethics & Awards

Since their launch in 2003, ThisWorks has won many prestigious awards, including those from Beauty Bible, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Red and InStyle as well a being a CEW finalist brand.

The brand boasts 'all natural' products, and they don't use unnecessary chemicals in formulations including: phthalates, sulphates, synthetic colours and fragrance, parabens, GMOs, mineral oils, petrolatum, propylene glycol.

As well as being 'results driven' they are a socially responsible brand ensuring that their products use recyclable materials for packaging, their ingredients aren't tested on animals, those raw ingredients come from sustainable sources and fair traded products, use of organic ingredients where possible, and they support Kid's Company as their charity to give back to the community.

For more information about this charity, click this link: http://www.kidsco.org.uk/

Price and Convenience

Two of the four items used are available as part of a duo set of full sized products. I had travel sizes for my trial and I found that the sizes contained enough product to last at least a month of twice daily use for face, neck and decollete (plus hands and forearms daily). The sizes were small enough to carry to the gym or for overnight for travel, which I felt was a bonus, without having to purchase a separate, small sized item.

  • the current purchase price of the duo set which includes both perfect cleavage firming lotion & perfect hands intense moisture  60ml & 75ml respectively costs £37 and I am aware that this is a reduced from the normal price of £55. 
  • enjoy multi-tasking lotion 120ml £25.00
  • perfect eyes recovery cream 15ml £28.00

Currently the items available from this brand are full sized items in the sets, however you should keep a look out for travel sets, which are often available during the summer, as these are a convenient and less expensive way to explore this award winning, and truly ethical, brand.




0 #10 stvgreen 2013-10-24 18:50
Based on your review I'm going to get the multi-tasking lotion as a gift. Thanks for posting!
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0 #9 naomielisa 2013-08-08 19:38
I've also been wanting to try these products for a while. x
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0 #8 naomielisa 2013-08-08 14:17
I like the sound of the 'perfect eyes recovery cream'. Yes please! :)
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0 #7 gearoid 2013-08-03 11:02
One of my favourite brands. I've used their cleanser and toner which are both fab, but not tried these products yet.
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+1 #6 catsholiday 2013-06-28 15:34
Great information Dese - really interesting. I have a cleanser of theirs waiting to be used when I have got through my stash a little.
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