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Opulentia Organics Super Nail Nourisher vs Sally Hansen Healthy Cuticles Now

I tried the Sally Hansen Healthy Cuticles Now back in July 2012 and I found that it was very effective but pricy (interestingly it's exactly the same price two years later!). The 100 ml price would be £51.74. Now the Opulentia Organics Super Nail Nourisher costs nearly twice as much (£99.90) so how would it compare.


Okay so how to test them: the left hand will get the Opulentia and the right will get the Sally Hansen. Which will be worth the price? (or will both be considered too expensive!).

You can find details of the Opulentia here:


and the Sally Hansen here:

Week 1

Left and right

Okay so other than commenting one my photographic skills (you try taking pictures of your own hands!) you really can't see any difference between my left thumb - Opulentia - and my right thumb - Sally Hansen - and that's exactly what happened after one week.

I like both of them which surprised me slightly as at first glance I wasn't taken by the Opulentia as it seemed too thick to me. Now it has been about 30 degrees inside where I am at the moment so maybe this melted the Super Nail Nourisher because it was nearly liquid when I applied it. It smells very nice (basically a light lemon scent) and it isn't greasy which is what I thought it would be. The Healthy Cuticles Now I've used before and again it was probably effected by the heat but even in normal conditions it's a light cream texture rather than waxy. It also has a nice scent but it's much lighter and less distinct.

Both seems to work well enough but so far my nails still seem dry but I do think both my nails and nail beds will improve over the month.

Onto week 2 and, hopefully, visible improvement or at least better pictures!

Left and right 2

 Week two and the basic result is that I still can't take a decent photo on my own fingers!

To be fair I think you can see that despite the ridges in my nails (no longer do I buff them out as it makes the nail too fragile) both of them are a bit better but I would say that the Sally Hansen right nail is edging ahead. 

Week 3 and I finally manged to take a picture of both at the same time!

Okay I think I can see some differences this week; the Opulentia left nail seems to be better than the Sally Hansen right one to me. When I study them closely I think that the cuticle is better on the left which is a change to last week.


 The Opulentia will probably only last for one more week so that'll be the send of this blog and in all honestly I already know that how ever good it is the Opulentia is just too pricey for the impact.


Week 4

As the temperature lowers I'm beginning to discover the gritty texture that they warn you about int the Opulentia. It's certainly off putting but as they say it doesn't actually change anything.

Left and right 3

Okay this is another of my not too in focus pictures but overall you really can't see much difference this week between the two. I really can't see anything when I look and after four weeks I'm willing to say that overall they two are as good as each other. I basically prefer the Sally Hansen because it seems to help me with my dry cuticles more than the Opulentia but in reality they're both very good but both a bit pricy.

So which do I recommend? Either is good if you want to pay for them but for me I'd go for the Sally Hansen: it's a bit cheaper and is better for my very dry nails.




Opulentia Organics Super Nail Nourisher

20140702 170842

I was excited to be accepted for this trial as on a daily basis my hands and nails suffer all manner of abuse. I am a keen gardener and crafts person so my past times do not tend to be sympathetic to my nails or hands. My nails are generally prone to dryness and brittleness so I was keen to put this product to the test.

When the nourisher arrived I loved the quirky little tin. It is a robust screw top silver tin that is perfect for a hand bag or make-up case. Even if you are a little over zealous in tightening lids on your products this lid is very easy to open, even with greasy hands due to its cleverly designed ridged grip. Upon opening the tin for the first time I noted that the product was of a balm consistency and opaque golden yellow in colour. From the size of the tin you could immediately see that there was a generous amount of product in the tin.

20140702 170924

To apply I only needed a light touch of balm (less than a pea size) for one hand. Upon contact with the heat of your skin the balm immediately melts into a luxurious oil that goes a remarkably long way. So much so, all five fingers on one hand were treated equally with product from just the smallest touch.

The consistency of the balm/ oil is such that it allows a beautiful and beneficial massage into the nails. You should be careful not to over dispense your product as not only does it lead to unnecessary wastage but you will find that your hands are covered to the point of stickiness. Less is more with this highly concentrated balm.

It is suggested that you only use the product at night only. I completely agree with this instruction as after initial application it does take some time for your nails to absorb the product fully. Remember your nails do not absorb products as easily as you skin so you need to accept a little stickiness at first!

Another important tip is to ensure that this little tin is stored in a cool dry place. In the warm weather or sunlight the balm quickly turns to oil which could be disastrous when opening the tin! This small issue only gives credit to the product as proof that no nasties are added to keep it in a solid state.

20140702 171003

The balm has a beautiful citrus lemon fragrance that makes application pleasurable and addictive. Admittedly I have been prone to sneaking a few extra applications during the day. After just one application I noted that the dryness around my nail beds and cuticles was completely gone and the benefit is long lasting. My nails have increased their growth rate phenomenally and they are generally better condition than they have been for a very long time. The balm softens the cuticles beautifully and gives an overall delicate polished look to the nails.

As I like to experiment with my products I have also been applying the balm to my hands as a treatment application before my hand cream. This has had fantastic results for me and in combination my hands are looking much smoother and nourished than just using my hand cream alone. Not stopping there I have also used the balm for my toe nails which have benefitted from the same results.

20140702 171206

This balm may be small but it is mighty! The old adage “some of the best things come in small packages” certainly describes this product. Packed with so many natural oils, waxes and butters it is a highly concentrated product. I have been using this several times a day for over two weeks and I am halfway down the tin. The value for money is fantastic! The balm offers rapid and noticeable results and if you are looking for a nail treatment that won’t break your budget then this is certainly the one to try! A real SOS product.


E:15/06/14, Opulentia Organics | Win 1 of 10 x Super Nail Nourisher Balm | 15ml, £9.99 each

This month, we have teamed up with premium natural and organic skincare company Opulentia Organics to introduce their latest range of organic products.

To celebrate the newly launched products, 10 of our members will be offered the chance to test and review a full sized pot of Super Nail Nourisher balm (15ml, RRP £9.99 each). Apply before 15 June 2014.

This organic, concentrated balm developed to strengthen nails and moisturise the surrounding skin and cuticles has already won a ‘Commended’ Award in the FreeFrom SkinCare Awards 2014 and is proving increasingly popular amongst beauty aficionados. 

Opulentia Organics | Body Oils

More about Opulentia Organics?

Opulentia Organics is a premium natural and organic skincare company offering a range of skin nourishing and rejuvenating body care products developed for potency, purity and quality. 

The founder of Opulentia Organics, Sally Moores, has spent the last 8 or so years perfecting her range of organic body oils and balms. All products are hand blended in small batches in the UK to ensure continuing high quality and exclusivity.

These gorgeous products smell amazing, and are kind to the most sensitive of skin types, with fabulous packaging and design ensuring that they make a perfect gift.  

Opulentia Organics | Super Nail Nourisher

What is new at Opulentia Organics?

Three new hand and foot treatments now complement Opulentia Organics main catalogue of body oils. They are perfect for creating long-lasting moisturisation to help relieve dry, chapped and calloused hands and feet.

Opulentia Organics | Fantastic Mr Foot Balm

Fantastic Mr Foot Balm

(30ml, RRP £12.99)

Described as lip balm for the feet! Fantastic Mr Foot Balm is a rich and concentrated balm, developed to moisturise and soften the skin on your heels and feet. It may also help with pain and itching experienced with chilblains. A luxurious blend of organic vegetable oils, butters, waxes and essential oils, designed to nourish and feed the skin.


Opulentia Organics | Great Outdoors Hand Balm

Great Outdoors Hand Balm

(60ml, RRP £17.99 & 30ml, RRP £12.99)

Great Outdoors Hand Balm is the ultimate hand and healing balm. Nourishing and restorative olive, avocado, thistle, hemp and evening primrose oils are blended with essential oils to soothe and soften the skin. This luxurious balm will help revitalise the skin and protect hard working hands from moisture loss.


Opulentia Organics | Super Nail NourisherSuper Nail Nourisher

(15ml, RRP £9.99)

Super Nail Nourisher is a real handbag hero! The perfect size to pop in your handbag so you can give your nails and cuticles a little TLC any time, anywhere! Designed as a balm (so much easier to handle than an oil) and full of organic vegetable oils, butters, waxes and essential oils, this little pot packs a punch, helping restore moisture to nails and cuticle, increasing nail flexibility and encouraging growth. Regular use also gives nails a natural 'buffed look' shine and improvements can be seen after as little as two weeks of daily use!


Opulentia Organics | Logo  

How to Follow Opulentia Organics?

Receive regular updates and stay informed about Opulentia Organics special offers and giveaways, when you follow them on social media. 

To find out more about Opulentia Organics premium natural and organic skincare products, or even just to say hello, feel free to contact them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you cannot wait to try their range, visit their online shop to take advantage of the regular promotions or pamper your loved ones with a fabulous gift. 

How to apply?

Read carefully the terms and conditions link in the module below before applying for this trial. As seen on Offer OasisILoveGiveaways.com and Free Beauty.

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Opulentia Organics Geranium & Mandarin Body Oil

It has been an absolute pleasure to trial this wonderful body oil by Opulentia Organics. I adore all body oils and use them whenever possible; however I do not think I have encountered a body as highly concentrated as this one before. As I do suffer from stress on a regular basis, which can manifest itself on my skin condition this oil seemed almost tailor made to my needs

I received a trial size bottle to review and I was immediately struck by the packaging design. A fantastic, simple brushed metal silver bottle with attractive, label and a wonderful tag attached with the Union Jack design. It is a very nostalgic and typically British design which is refreshing, modern and edgy. This type of packaging stand apart from other organic brands that tend to use a more natural approach to their packaging. The trial size oil comes with a screw top lid which I did not find the best for dispensing the oil however on the full size product there is a pump dispenser so this would not cause a problem for future purchase.

Oil 4b

Upon opening the bottle for the first time I was greeted by the most beautiful but subtle fragrance. The predominant scent for me is the geranium but with a subtle hint of mandarin. Mandarin is unlike its highly citrus cousin orange but a sweeter more perfumed version. The combination is amazing and it instantly gives both an uplifting, warming and feel good lift to the senses an skin. Upon dispensing a small amount of oil into my palm it has a wonderful light golden colour, perfectly clear with no signs of impurities and also a much thicker consistency than anybody oils I have tried before. This is where the product gets really interesting….

OIl 2b

I always apply my body oils after bathing on damp skin. The reason this is the best method is that it creates a barrier that locks in the water remaining on an in your skin after bathing. It also allows easier application. Without the presence of water the oil would concentrate itself in one area and would result in unnecessary wastage of product. Initially however I found that this tried and tested method was not as easy with this body oil as with others I have used in the past. The main reason for this is the highly concentrated and thicker consistency of the oil. Therefore I have invented my own method of application that works perfectly each and every time without over application. With a small amount of oil dispensed into one palm I lightly and quickly pat my palms together (don’t rub your palms together as they will absorb your precious oil), then I lightly pat my palms randomly over my arms and décolleté to evenly apply the oil and then massage. I repeat this for each area of my body. By using this pat and apply method I found that I could make the oil go even further and thus extending the life of the bottle.

After application my skin did not feel tacky or greasy, just deeply hydrated and smooth and this moisturisation lasts far longer than conventional body moisturisers. The fragrance is light and beautiful and does not in any way clash with any other fragrance that you may apply. Using this oil liberally every evening the bottle has lasted me the best part of 3 weeks, giving excellent value for money for such a high quality product.

Oil 3a

The best result of this product for me is the deeply moisturising benefits and the fact that it has virtually cleared up one extremely stubborn patch of eczema on my leg that I have not been able to clear for over 12 months. The only disappointment I found with the whole product was that I have run out!! This is a small bottle that yields some very big results and I for one will saving hard to try others in the range!


E:15/12/13, Opulentia Organics | Win 1 of 5 Body Oil Travel Sized Bottles

In the run-up to Christmas, we have teamed up with Opulentia Organics, a Somerset based company, founded by Sally Moores to introduce her range of organic products.

5 of our members will be offered the chance to test and review a month supply of the therapeutic and healing qualities of vitamin rich oils to feed, nourish and regenerate the skin (50ml, RRP £8.99-£9.99 each). 

Sally has been working with essential oils and holistic healing for over thirty years. She embraced a natural and organic lifestyle and started to blend her own products in 2006.  "No-one wants to put nasty chemicals on their skin, which is why we only ever use the highest quality natural ingredients in our lovely skin care products."

Opulentia Organic Body Oil Range

The Opulentia Organic Body Oil range is made from the highest possible quality ingredients, as they believe that the purer the product, the more potent and effective it is. All the ingredients used are certified as organic apart from the Vitamin E, which is wheat free, GMO free and one of the highest grades available. It is also certified by the Soil Association for use in organic products.

The collection consists of five oils, Untouched, Geranium & Mandarin, Ylang Ylang & Lime, Bergamot & Patchouli and Lavender & Chamomile. They are all available in a 100ml with pump (RRP 15.99-£16.99) or a handy 50ml travel/trial size (RRP £8.99-£9.99).

Untouched Body Oil (50ml, RRP £8.99)

Specially blended for those who are allergic to fragrances and essential oils, or for those who prefer an absolutely pure body oil. The Untouched organic body oil is totally unscented, gentle, effective and luxurious and will leave your skin soft and hydrated. Nourishing and restorative and with no odour, this light oil absorbs beautifully and is perfect for anyone undergoing chemotherapy and suffering with dry, itchy skin, or for those with sensitive skin prone to eczema. Untouched also makes a great base for you to add your own custom aromatherapy blends.



Bergamot & Patchouli Body Oil (50ml, RRP£9.99)

An uplifting and spicy oil blended to nurture the skin whilst nourishing and softening.  The Bergamot and Patchouli organic body oil is gentle, effective and luxurious, and will leave your skin soft and hydrated. A wonderful oil which is calming on the skin and of great benefit to skin conditions that are linked to stress.  It is a great oil to use for banishing lethargy, increasing self-confidence or for when you are just feeling a little low. 


Geranium & Mandarin Body Oil (50ml, RRP £9.99)

A refreshing oil blended to balance and revitalise whilst nourishing and softening the skin.  The Geranium and Mandarin organic body oil is gentle, effective and luxurious, and will leave your skin soft and hydrated.  A  superb oil for dry skin prone to eczema and great to use for anxiety and emotional exhaustion.



Ylang Ylang & Lime Body Oil (50ml, RRP £9.99)

     An exotic and fruity oil blended to rejuvenate the skin whilst nourishing and softening.  The Ylang Ylang and Lime organic body oil is gentle, effective and luxurious, and will leave your skin soft and hydrated.  A delicious oil which helps combat ageing skin and is great to use when the emotions need balancing or the mind is tired.   


Lavender & Chamomile Body Oil (50ml, RRP £9.99)

A fabulous oil with a distinctive scent blended to relax and soothe whilst nourishing and softening the skin.  The Lavender and Chamomile organic body oil is gentle, effective and luxurious, and will leave your skin soft and hydrated.  Great to use after a day in the sun or for winding down after a stressful day.



Follow Opulentia Organics

Receive regular updates and stay informed about special offers, and giveaways, when you follow her on social media. She is also available by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or here to answer your questions.

If you cannot wait to try her affordable range, visit her online shop to take advantage of her regular promotions. With the festive season fast approaching, why not pamper your loved ones this year with these gorgeous body oils.

How to apply?

Read carefully the terms and conditions link in the module below before applying for this prize draw. As seen on Offer OasisILoveGiveaways.com andFree Beauty.

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