Ciaté Paint Pots Wait Until Dark Paint Pot

What could have been better for the Halloween week to have been accepted for a trial of this gorgeous nail polish by Ciaté!! This is brand that I have not used before and I was very excited to trial not only a new brand but a colour or varnish that I would not usually choose. Purple varnish is a real statement colour and from the photographs this polish certainly did appeal to my darker side!

When the varnish arrived it was housed in a lovely black oblong box with a cut out window in the front which displays the bottle perfectly inside. The bottle itself is a very clever and appealing design. The glass is curved on the back and is designed to ergonomically sit in your hand for ease of application. The brush has a very practical long lid which makes the holding of the brush and application very easy (there is nothing worse than trying to keep a steady hand when applying polish with a tiny handle). Ciaté state that their brush is flat with 250 bristles which makes application smoother and easier. I loved the little black bow on the front of the bottle which is a lovely aesthetic touch to the overall design.

My hands are most certainly hard working hands overall and with such a dark colour I was dubious as to the capability and staying power of this varnish. With dark colours I always use a base coat to prevent any staining and a top coat to aid longevity of the varnish.

The colour of the varnish inside the bottle was exciting. A dark plum purple with a light shimmer and a pearlescence that gives the dark polish a subtle depth. The application with the brush was certainly easy but the first coat was very thin and watery. My fear was unfounded as the second coat instantly provided the full depth of colour and it is beautiful!! The shimmer is not strong (I maybe would have preferred a little more) but the colour is rich and deep. Application with the long brush was very smooth and although this is not the fastest drying varnish I have used the drying time was good. After the application of my final top coat I was thrilled with results and smooth finish of the colour.

Not only am I a keen gardener I am currently renovating a property and this has certainly put my Ciaté varnish to the test. The top coat I used certainly increases the staying power of my varnish but my hands have taken a cruel battering in recent weeks. This varnish was very resilient, even to the worst treatment of my hands and nails and I gained 4 days of wear before any deterioration showed. This manifested itself in small chips but where the colour was not chipped, it remained visually perfect! Bearing in mind this is not a true gauge for most wearers as you would not usually subject your hands to the level of work that I am currently partaking in.

The varnish is very easy to remove and left no staining at all. The product has a medium price range and its performance is well worth the investment. I have no doubt that this bottle would last a very long time and therefore excellent value for money. A high performer with good looks and performance, perfect for bringing out your inner vamp!!


E:26/10/14, Win 1 x 12 Ciaté Wait Until Dark Paint Pot Nail Varnish

October is the time for the second most celebrated holiday of the year, Halloween. It is a great occasion to display your creatively creepy make-up ideas and amaze the world with your mind-bowling artistic skills.

Have you thought about your Halloween make-up needs for this year? To complete your eerie look with a trick of our own, we are giving away 12 x Marie Claire 2011 limited edition of Ciaté “Wait Until Dark” Paint Pot Nail Varnish (RRP £9.00, 13.5ml). Apply before 26.10.2014.

Ciaté Wait Until Dark Paint Pot Nail Varnish

The formula is amazingly thick, highly pigmented and long lasting whilst easy to apply and quick to dry. The striking, glistening, deep purple shade with subtle flecks of light purple sparkle is perfect for a spooky night out. The dark shimmering metallic purple polish appears almost black when shaded but it mutates to a magical violet and gold when light catches the nails.

The Ciaté long handle provides you the best strokes every time. With a dense 250 bristle flat brush, you are guaranteed a flawless, even finish. The bottle has been ergonomically designed to sit comfortably in your hand for maximum control. The beautiful and sophisticated packaging encourages an incredibly artistic and effortless nail painting experience.

How to apply? 

Read carefully the Terms and Conditions link in the Rafflecopter module below before applying for this trial. As seen on Magic Freebies - Free Stuff, Free Samples & MoreFree Stuff WorldILoveGiveaways.comA Little Bird Told Us and Offer Oasis

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  8. Apply before 30 September 2014.

Opulentia Organics Super Nail Nourisher vs Sally Hansen Healthy Cuticles Now

I tried the Sally Hansen Healthy Cuticles Now back in July 2012 and I found that it was very effective but pricy (interestingly it's exactly the same price two years later!). The 100 ml price would be £51.74. Now the Opulentia Organics Super Nail Nourisher costs nearly twice as much (£99.90) so how would it compare.


Okay so how to test them: the left hand will get the Opulentia and the right will get the Sally Hansen. Which will be worth the price? (or will both be considered too expensive!).

You can find details of the Opulentia here:


and the Sally Hansen here:

Week 1

Left and right

Okay so other than commenting one my photographic skills (you try taking pictures of your own hands!) you really can't see any difference between my left thumb - Opulentia - and my right thumb - Sally Hansen - and that's exactly what happened after one week.

I like both of them which surprised me slightly as at first glance I wasn't taken by the Opulentia as it seemed too thick to me. Now it has been about 30 degrees inside where I am at the moment so maybe this melted the Super Nail Nourisher because it was nearly liquid when I applied it. It smells very nice (basically a light lemon scent) and it isn't greasy which is what I thought it would be. The Healthy Cuticles Now I've used before and again it was probably effected by the heat but even in normal conditions it's a light cream texture rather than waxy. It also has a nice scent but it's much lighter and less distinct.

Both seems to work well enough but so far my nails still seem dry but I do think both my nails and nail beds will improve over the month.

Onto week 2 and, hopefully, visible improvement or at least better pictures!

Left and right 2

 Week two and the basic result is that I still can't take a decent photo on my own fingers!

To be fair I think you can see that despite the ridges in my nails (no longer do I buff them out as it makes the nail too fragile) both of them are a bit better but I would say that the Sally Hansen right nail is edging ahead. 

Week 3 and I finally manged to take a picture of both at the same time!

Okay I think I can see some differences this week; the Opulentia left nail seems to be better than the Sally Hansen right one to me. When I study them closely I think that the cuticle is better on the left which is a change to last week.


 The Opulentia will probably only last for one more week so that'll be the send of this blog and in all honestly I already know that how ever good it is the Opulentia is just too pricey for the impact.


Week 4

As the temperature lowers I'm beginning to discover the gritty texture that they warn you about int the Opulentia. It's certainly off putting but as they say it doesn't actually change anything.

Left and right 3

Okay this is another of my not too in focus pictures but overall you really can't see much difference this week between the two. I really can't see anything when I look and after four weeks I'm willing to say that overall they two are as good as each other. I basically prefer the Sally Hansen because it seems to help me with my dry cuticles more than the Opulentia but in reality they're both very good but both a bit pricy.

So which do I recommend? Either is good if you want to pay for them but for me I'd go for the Sally Hansen: it's a bit cheaper and is better for my very dry nails.



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