E:31/10/17, Win 1,000 Dove Intense Care Deep Replenishing Hair Cream Sachets, 7ml each

September, the traditional month of summer sales, clear-outs and finding that amazing bargain! We are pleased to announce a chance to participate in our own amazing surplus stock clearance with over 1,000 sachet samples -7ml each- of Dove Intense Care Deep Replenishing Hair Cream for Dry Lengths & Tips Leave-on to goDepending on the number of applications received, we will deliver up to a week's supply to each member until we run out of stock. 

Looking for the best conditioner for dry lengths and tips? From styling to changes in the weather, our hair goes through a lot every day – but with the right products you can have nourished hair, inside and out. Dove Intense Care Conditioner was created to smooth, visibly repair and strengthen dry hair. Even the most damaged hair can look healthy day after day. Hair care should go beyond removing the outward signs of damage, which is why this leave-on is formulated to nourish and help restore the hair inside as well. The cream repairs the signs of damage to the hair surface and, with continued used, penetrates the hair strands to progressively nourish, making hair stronger against breakage, beautiful and visibly healthier with every wash.

How to apply for this giveaway?

Apply before midnight on Tuesday, 31th October 2017. To enter, follow us on Twitter & Facebook, retweet/share this article and add a comment to the page. Read carefully the Terms & Conditions before posting.


E:31/08/14, Argan Dew | Win 1 of 50 x Replenishing Hair Mask | 10ml each

Argan oil is one of nature's richest and rarest oils. Its intensive blend of essential fatty acids has been used for centuries as a heart-healthy addition to meals, and as a treatment for skin diseases. It has become increasingly popular worldwide as cosmetic oil for skin and hair. 

This month, we have teamed up with a new brand of luxury hair care products, Argan Dew, to discover the secret to their amazing products. Their entire collection combines the power of pure Argan oil with the finest ingredients to hydrate, protect, and regenerate hair.

To introduce their line and celebrate the launch of their new website, Argan Dew is offering 50 of our members the chance to test and review a trial sized sample of the Replenishing Hair Mask (10ml each). Apply before 31 August 2014. The selected testers will be notified shortly after.

The Argan Dew Story

Argan Dew provides a luxurious range of pure, natural, and high-performing hair treatment formulas, taking advantage of the unique qualities of its primary ingredient. With years of experience, dedication and passion, their team is developing an expanding range of quality and advanced solutions to protect hair from daily damage and maintain its thickness, radiance, and health.

At the heart of the line lies the natural and versatile richness of pureArgan oil, traditionally extracted from the kernels of theArgania Spinosa. In its purest form, the oil contains all the essential vitamins and antioxidants needed to nourish, protect, and rejuvenate the scalp and hair from root to tip. 

Argan Dew Intensive Replenishing Hair Mask

Nature's solutions are often the best, which is why the Argan Dew Replenishing Hair Mask uses only the purest oil from the Moroccan argan tree.

The purity of the Argan Dew formula produces a richly restorative mask to boost the health and beauty of all hair types. It provides softness, suppleness, vibrant strength, and silky radiance that perfectly complement any look. 

Applied to wet hair, this powerful yet subtle mask repairs and nourishes dry or damaged hair, including tresses harmed by colouring. The mask also forms a protective layer on your hair, keeping it moisturized and safe from styling stress, natural brittleness, sun and other environmental damage.


How to follow them?

Receive regular updates and stay informed aboutArgan Dew special offers, new products, and exclusive information by following them on social media or by subscribing to their newsletter.

To find out more about their advanced solutions for your hair, theirFAQs, their expert tips or even just to say hello, feel free to contact them at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you cannot wait to try one of their products, visit their website at: www.argandew.com. Take advantage of their current special offers, which are ideal for those of you who want to spoil a loved one with a pamper kit.

How to apply?

Read carefully the terms and conditions link in the Rafflecoptermodule below before applying for this trial. As seen on Magic Freebies - Free Stuff, Free Samples & MoreFree Stuff WorldILoveGiveaways.com, A Little Bird Told Us and Offer Oasis.


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Eden Organic Care 100% Certified Organic Avocado Oil

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to trial this new brand and have always been a fan of pure oils. They have so many amazing benefits for the whole body. When I received the Eden Organic Avocado Oil I was amazed at the size of the product. There was no excuse but to use this product with abandon and I quickly set about testing it on as many parts of my body as possible.

An attractive packaging & A stunning bottle

The box is attractive clearly printed and conducive to the pure product contained within. The biggest impact for me was when I removed the product from the box. Eden has scored 100% for me on the packaging. For such reasonably priced oil the bottle is stunning and gives the impression of a high quality product. The bottle is plastic with an inner white tube, giving a beautiful multi-layer look to the bottle. The product is dispensed via a large silver pump action nozzle which is protected by a clear plastic lid. The bottle looks sleek, professional and sits very nicely on show next to your key products on the bathroom shelf.

20140512 13314320140512 133225

I love multi-tasking products and this one did not let me down. I am in my 40’s and am consistently finding oils beneficial to my skin, which can often ne dehydrated, hormonal and of course showing the dreaded signs of middle age. The First trial for me was layering the product under my moisturiser. The instructions state that you should use 2-3 pumps for the face and décolleté but after initial dispense I found that 1 pump was more than sufficient per application. Sadly the pump has quite a jerky fast action and you need to be careful not to shoot the product across the bathroom. This slight issue by no means detracts from the quality of the oil. On dispensing you will find that the oil has an olive green/ brown colour and whilst this not the most attractive colour for a facial product, it is indeed normal and indicates the pureness of the oil. There is a mild Avocado scent to the product which quickly dissipates. If you are a fan of perfumed oils this may not be attractive for you but after all, it is results we like, not cosmetic fragrances. One pump warmed between the palms is easily applied to the face and gives an instant warming and nurturing feeling. It quickly absorbs without greasy residue and I find that I need less moisturiser than usual after the base oil. The oil gives an instant comfort feeling to the skin and deeply hydrates and soothes. After 2 weeks of use my skin looks less dull, more hydrated and it has evened my skin tone significantly. Top marks for facial use for me!

20140512 133304

The second trial was my hair. I use Argan Oil on a regular basis both as a pre-wash treatment and a styling treatment and I had reservations of the capabilities of Avocado Oil for this purpose. These reservations were unfounded. I have very long hair and it is fine so prone to splitting and dehydration. As a pre-wash treatment I applied 4 pumps of oil to the mid lengths and ends of my hair and left for approximately one hour under a good quality shower cap. It does take two shampoos to remove the product but after shampooing I did not need to use my usual heavy duty conditioner as the Avocado Oil was more than sufficient. After styling my hair looks shinier, sleeker and above all less dry. Be careful not to apply to the roots however, as this can weight down the hair. The oil also helped immensely with my itchy scalp which was calmed after the first use. As a leave in product I use one pump applied to the mid lengths and ends before styling. It is a great frizz tamer and gives the hair a beautiful shine by flateening and smoothing the damaged hair cuticles and helping to nourish and retain natural moisture.

20140512 133246

A Body Moisturiser and Hand Treatment

I have also used this oil as a body moisturiser and hand treatment. For the body I found that applying the oil to damp skin ensured that the product would go further. It is not a thick oil but of you use it on towel dry skin you will find you need more product. It instantly hydrates the skin and leaves it wonderfully smooth and supple. I have also found it fantastic on dry feet! A good generous application with bed socks on top works wonders for those dry patches on the feet.

My Findings and Recommendation

After so many uses all over the body I am still only half way down the bottle and I am thrilled at the value for money. It is a wonderful, multi-tasking product that would have benefits for every user. As long as you respect the principles of oils you will always find them a hero product for your tailor made issues! Being 100% organic and the fact the Eden will donate 10% of their profits to world charities I could not rate this product enough. It certainly holds its own against more costly brands and will certainly remain a staple on my bathroom shelf!!


E:31/03/14, Eden Organic Care | Win 1 of 12 x 100% Certified Organic Avocado Oil

This month we have teamed up with Eden Organic Care, a small family run company, to introduce their newly launched collection of Soil Association Organic certified oils for hair and skin care.

Twelve of our members will be offered the chance to test and review a full-sized bottle of their 100% Pure Organic Avocado Oil (100ml, RRP £15.99 each).

Like the rest of the range, with the Organic Avocado Oil, you are not only looking after you skin and hair with the highest quality products which contain no parabens or preservatives, but you are also supporting an environmentally friendly company.

About Eden Organic Care

Eden Organic Care is a small family company, which is not only passionate about the certified organic products that they offer, but also the ethical manner in which their products are made.

Eden Organic Care have four main beliefs:

  • Ingredients are keyEden Organic Care use only the highest quality ingredients and all of their products are certified organic by the UK Soil Association under the COSMOS (Cosmetics Organic Standard) guidelines.
  • Ethical Production is important – All products are cruelty free, vegan friendly and their packaging is 100% recyclable. Their aim is to have the minimum impact on the environment.
  • Organic should be for everyone – Benefits from the use of organic products should be available to all consumers. Whilst using only the highest quality ingredients, Eden Organic Care price their products as keenly as possible to allow the widest possible consumer access to organic products.
  • Giving back – Companies should give back to the community, where possible. Eden Organic Care are proud to announce that they are committed to donating 10% of their gross profit each year for the next five years to children’s charities around the world.

By buying Eden Organic Care products, you are not only looking after your skin and hair with the highest quality products which contain no parabens or conservatives, but you are also supporting an environmentally friendly company.

Eden Organic Care Oil Collection

100% Certified Organic Argan Oil (50ml, RRP £15.99)

Nourish & Protect your skin and hair with Eden Organic Care Argan Oil.



100% Certified Organic Jojoba Oil (50ml, RRP £13.99)

Keep your skin soft & supple with Jojoba Oil, an ideal moisturiser with anti-ageing properties. Also a fabulous remedy for dull hair.


100% Certified Organic Rosehip Oil (50ml, RRP £17.99)

Ideal for sensitive skin, Eden Organic Care Rosehip Oil can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines whilst giving you soft, healthy skin.



100% Certified Organic Avocado Oil (50ml, RRP £15.99)

Eden Organic Care Avocado Oil is an anti-ageing oil, and the perfect remedy for dry skin or dry, damaged hair.


Follow Eden Organic Care 


Receive regular updates and stay informed about their special offers and giveaways when you sign up to Eden Organic Care newsletter, or follow them on social media.

Visit their online shop to discover more about the brand and their range of 100% organic oils. All natural and very yummy!

To find out more about Eden Organic Care products or even just to say hello, feel free to drop a line to their Managing Director, Tatiana Fiquitiva, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..               


How to apply?

Read carefully the terms and conditions before applying for this trial. View these through the link in the Rafflecopter module. As seen on I Love GiveawaysOffer Oasis and Free Beauty.

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Carol's Daughter Monoi Repairing Hair Products

  • Published in Dese

After years of struggling (and battling!) with my very curly, dry hair every day, I’m always on the lookout for products that help me to get control of my wayward hair.

Having used Elemis products with monoi oil, I already knew that I loved the scent, so when an assistant at Harrods suggested “Carol's Daughter”, it didn't take much to persuade me to give this hair range a try! Now, after a month of use, I am longing to share what I have discovered about this range.

To make sure that I could tell what the products were doing for my hair, I stopped using any other moisturising products, and only applied some hair mousse for styling and blow-drying.

I should add that I have a sensitive scalp and can have a reaction to products, so the product range's gentleness to skin was also very important.

About Carol's Daughter

Carol's Daughter is newly available in Britain was created by Lisa Price over twenty years ago. Although she did not have formative training in developing cosmetic products, she used her understanding of good ingredients to create her products. She approaches her blends of natural ingredients as she does when she is cooking delicious and nutritious food. Hear Lisa tell her story in the video below!


As I wasn't familiar with the Carol's Daughter brand I did some research and found that the products are highly suited to African and Caribbean hair, and it helps to moisturise and smooth my curls and frizz.

The assistant who recommended it to me clearly loved the brand and it didn't take much to persuade me to purchase the range: including a hair mask, shampoo and conditioner (these came with a bonus set of travel size products which was great!).


The principal ingredient is monoi oil, which is made from Tahiti Tiare Gardenia and Coprah Coconut. Monoi oil has been used over 2,000 years to heal and protect from the harshest conditions and the local people revere it and perform special ceremonies when making it.

Here's what it tells us on the packaging:

“Strengthening your hair is the only way to lengthen it so you can do whatever you want with it. To really fortify fine, fragile or chemically treated hair requires major nourishment found in the Monoi Repairing Hair Mask. Added to the rejuvenating Monoi Oil – a repairing Tahitian blend of the Tiare Gardenia Flower and Coprah Coconut Oil – is rebuilding Bamboo Water and protective Hydrolyzed Silk.”

The range doesn’t contain parabens (widely used as a preservative), petroleum, mineral oil, or artificial colours, so this range should be gentle enough for a sensitive scalp.

Monoi Repairing Hair Mask

The hair mask comes in a flat, circular, translucent tub, without a scoop, as many other brands also market this kind of product. The shampoo and conditioner are presented in translucent bottles with a dispensing cap. The label of the product is golden in colour with white and black writing. After a month of sitting on the edge of the bath and being splashed, the bottle and label still look new and attractive to the eye.

The design of the dispensing cap is very interesting. The whole cap rotates as if to be totally removed, but actually it raises the level of the outer rim of the cap. The bottle can then be squeezed to dispense through a central vent! Not having seen this design before, I found it quite chic. The practicality of use was also very good as the bottle does not get waterlogged during showering. Read more or Review.

Mask Texture and Application Techniques

The instructions for application of the mask are to…

“Massage gently into clean, wet hair, giving a little extra love to your frazzled ends. Leave the treatment mask on for 5 to 7 minutes and then rinse well. Or, for an even deeper treatment, put on a plastic cap and sit under a dryer for 10 to 15 minutes.”

The hair mask has a thick, creamy consistency that is easy to smooth onto, and massage into, your hair with your fingers. You apply it to damp hair but I’ve experimented with applying it to dry hair (as recommended with other brands' hair masks) and I’ve had great success. When applied like this and left for 20-30 mins, while relaxing on the sofa, it dries into the hair and no cap is required to prevent dripping. I like this as I really hate mess! It could potentially be left on overnight without protection, and with little concern about transfer, but I haven’t tried that.

When I've been in a hurry, I've applied the mask in the shower and then avoided rinsing while I allowed it to penetrate the hair before washing it at the end of my shower. This seemed to work quite well, so I have tried doing the first shampoo without fully rinsing the mask for a more moisturised effect. Overall I found this less effective but better than not using the mask at all. The mask rinses easily and leaves your hair feeling richly conditioned.

After a full month of use, the level of the product in the container has gone down by about a centimetre, which is about a quarter of the pot (and I’m not mean with application of it!).

Carol's Daughter have recently added a smaller 113g container as well as the original 200g I’ve been using.

Monoi Repairing Shampoo

The shampoo has a translucent appearance and feels rich on the fingers, although less dense in texture than the mask. It also has less scent, not having the strong aroma of the mask. The product lathers well, leaving the hair feeling thoroughly cleansed. I don’t feel that I could manage without the extra moisturisation from the conditioner, but people who do not have dry hair might feel that the mask and shampoo are sufficient. Read more or Review.

Monoi Repairing Conditioner

The conditioner is thicker and more opaque than the shampoo. The fragrance is stronger and pleasantly lingers on the hair after washing. The conditioner is easy to apply and leaves hair tangle-free, manageable, and moisturised. Combing my hair after washing with this product was effortless and resulted in very little hair loss. Read more or Review.


The claim is that breakage is reduced by between 92% and 96% after just one use, depending on the product, and I’ve seen a marked reduction in breakage when combing. This is quite remarkable as I’ve not experienced this before!

My hair does not take kindly to any intervention with combs and will retaliate by ballooning into a ball of fuzz. For this reason I have learned only to comb it before washing and before drying and at no other time. Usually, I paste it into submission with products and oils and was a little nervous about going without any further moisturisation during my trial.

After the first wash, I thought my hair was a little dry (with the rapid mask technique mentioned above), but after subsequent washes it feels more moisturised. Even after the drying effect of the hair mousse, my hair still feels silky and soft.

Overall Recommendation

Although a little on the pricy side, and not yet widely available in Britain, I think that if you have dry, curly, relaxed or straightened hair this product is worth seeking out. I have definitely noticed a reduction in breakage when combing, and my hair seems to need less moisturisation from other products than before.

The scent of this range of products is intoxicating, and will delight the senses. Hopefully in time it will be more widely available, but for the present it can be found in Harrods. A little expensive at the price of £82.00 for the three products I bought (£20, £26 & £36) but I got a free travel sized set from the same range (which I’ll keep for holidays).  This isn't just my point of view, others are so convinced of the benefits of the hair mask that it recently won a Self Beauty Award in 2012!


E:15/09/12, Molton Brown New & Improved Haircare Collection | 20 x Full Size Shampoo & Conditioner Sets for trial

This month Molton Brown has teamed up with us to introduce its new targeted Haircare Collection before its official launch on 16 August 2012.

A selection of 20 applicants from July's trial, now withdrawn and replaced with this campaign*, would be offered the opportunity to choose, test and review a 300 ml bottle of Shampoo and Conditioner from the new range listed below. *Read in our August 2012 Newsletter for more details.

Hello! New Haircare Collection

  1. Indian Cress Purifying Shampoo & Conditioner for All Hair Types, £18, 300 ml each
  2. Indian Mulberry Volumising Shampoo & Conditioner for Fine Hair, £18, 300 ml each
  3. Plum-kadu Glossing Shampoo & Conditioner for Dull-Looking Hair, £18, 300 ml each
  4. Cloudberry Nurturing Shampoo & Conditioner for Colour-Treated Hair, £18, 300 ml each
  5. Papyrus Reed Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner for Dry, Damaged Hair, £18, 300 ml each
  6. Mer-rouge Deep Conditioning Mask for All Hair Types, £25, 300 ml

Cheerio! 2011 Haircare Collection

Last Chance! Enjoy an amazing 50% off the current range!

Say cheerio to your old favourites and trumpet in the arrival of the new targeted Haircare Collection (launching August 16th) with 50% off the existing range.

The new 11-piece collection will include 5 new targeted shampoos, 5 conditioner pairs and 1 deep conditioning hair mask. Molton Brown has created the collection by blending cutting-edge haircare technologies with exotic plant actives to answer all common hair issues.

"These aren’t just pretty coloured bottles. They pack a serious punch." The new solutions will give a healthy look to all locks and will offer the perfect treatment for every tress concern.

ha presto! Stay in touch


Why not drop into one of Molton Brown’s stores, resellers or airport boutiques to try out the new collection? Click here to locate your nearest counter or shop online now.

Do not miss out on their special promotions, events, exclusives launches or tutorials; follow them on social media or sign up to their newsletter for the latest offers and news.

Read carefully the terms and conditions below before applying for this trial:

  • To qualify you must be a registered member
  • If you have applied for July's trial, your application is valid for this upgraded version
  • If you have not applied for July's trial, notify us of your interest before 15 September 2012
  • Click on the Add comment link at the bottom of this page to proceed
  • Choose your preferred item from the new collection listed above and specify its number in your comment. For example: If you wish to test the Cloudberry Nurturing Shampoo & Conditioner for Colour-Treated Hair, quote No4
  • Priority will be given to the testers and most active members
  • Your application will not be considered, if a delivery address is not available by the end-date. How-to?
  • You will not be eligible, if you have failed to review a trial product sent to you in the past. Why?
  • Only the selected candidates will be contacted by email
  • Samples can be delivered worldwide
  • Access all the Molton Brown reviews, listings and blog article posted by the community
  • Read how to join the panel of testers
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REN Oat and Bay Conditioning Shampoo

I have recently discovered this fantastic brand not only do they use natural organic ingredients and great ethics they are very affordable and effective, before I give my review on this lovely shampoo let me fill you in about the brand.

About REN

REN say that they offer skincare as it should be. They use the latest hi-tech bio actives, free from skin-unfriendly ingredients and are gorgeously pleasurable to use.

REN Skincare is a unique skincare regime that uses the soothing and potent capabilities of powerful plant bio actives. Developed as a real alternative to preservative and chemical laden designer skincare and mass-market products, REN skincare is a natural beauty choice.

They go by 5 principles and I love a product that is not only going to be kind to my skin but also has a conscience:

"We make Clean Products that are free from skin-unfriendly ingredients including: Synthetic fragrance, pore-blocking petrochemicals, sulfate detergents, synthetic colours, animal ingredients * and parabens." In addition, REN products do not contain potential irritants including: glycols and diglycols (such as propylene glycol), PEG's, PPGs, urea, D.E.A, T.E.A, PABA and other synthetic sunscreens, aliphatic alcohols/hydrocarbons, phthalates, fumarates, amines, alkanolamines, synthetic AHAs/BHAs, polyacrylamide, metacrylate, elastomer, poloxamer, styrene, vinyl, polyquaternium, synthetic chelating agents, nylon, nitriles, nitrates, nitrosamine releasers, bromates, fluor, aluminum and alumina etc.* other than milk in our Hydra-Calm Youth Defence Serum and beeswax in our Mayday Mayday Rescue Balm.


REN Clean Bio Active Skincare

"We aim to pioneer new ways of applying the latest discoveries in bio active technology to produce groundbreaking formulations that are Clean, effective and a joy to use."

 "We believe gorgeous skincare can just make the world a slightly nicer place to be and make us feel a little nicer being here."

"We do our bit to minimise our use of the world’s limited natural resources.We donate a minimum of 2.5% of our profits to campaigns that promote a better environment and a better life for those less fortunate than ourselves.

"We believe a principle is a principle even if it costs money. We believe we reap what we sow. We prefer goodwill to suspicion, humour to gravitas. We welcome difference."

Now for My Review

I have tried a few various products in the Ren range previously and have been impressed with them so was eager to try their hair care range.


It is a gentle shampoo based on mild cleansers sourced from Oats and using bio actives from Bay Oil (stimulating) and Lemon Oil (cleansing).

This product uses only 100% natural fragrance and is free from harsh sulfate detergents and synthetic colours.


The packaging is simple yet also looks quality and not too fussy looking. The flip lid makes it easy to use in the shower.


The shampoo itself has a nice creamy texture and slight scent, the arma is very natural and not at all overpowering.

It feels really creamy on the hair and scalp but lathers up well but not as much as other shampoos I have used indicating that it is not packed with lathering additives which was a massive plus for me and unlike any shampoo I have tried before.


Rinsing was effortless but also left my hair feeling thoroughly clean and fresh. It was kind to my skin which sometimes gets a little irritated when rinsing shampoo from my hair.

I followed up with REN Pro Vitamin Hair Conditioner. My hair was left wonderfully soft and healthy with a beautiful slight scent.

Overall Recommendation

The shampoo is definitely different from anything I have tried before prompting me to write this review the fact that it felt so much different on my scalp and hair impressed me greatly.

I have yet to try a Ren product that I don't like. I recommend this product and brand highly especially if you have sensitive skin/scalp and at a price everyone can afford it just makes for great value for money.

I can't wait to try more of the range! 

Click here to review this product.


E:15/08/12, Molton Brown Healthy Ziao Jao Hairwash│20 Free Travel Size Samples

Apply before 15 August 2012 for a chance to trial the Molton Brown Healthy Ziao Jao Hairwash.

This month we are offering 20 of our members the opportunity to test and review a 80 ml sample of this luxurious hair product.

Healthy Ziao Jao Hairwash, 80 ml  | Molton Brown

Travel the world from London via China with this revitalising hair cleansing wash. Ideal for everyday use, enriched with ziao jao extract, hydrolysed keratin and aromatic oils of juniper, artemisia and pepper.

How to receive your sample?

Read carefully the terms and conditions below before applying for this trial:

  • To qualify you must be a registered member
  • Priority would be given to the testers and most active members
  • Notify us of your interest before 15 August 2012 by submitting a comment
  • Only the selected candidates would be contacted
  • Your application will not be considered, if a delivery address is not available by the end-date. How-to?
  • You will not eligible, if you have failed to review a trial product sent to you in the past. Why?
  • Samples can be delivered worldwide
  • Review or read more about this product
  • Read how to join the panel of testers
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Macadamia Natural Oil Hair Care Products

I recently purchased this range for my coloured and dry hair. I am absolutely stunned by the results! This range contains no parabens, sulphates, mineral oils or harsh chemicals. It contains natural macadamia nut and argan seed oils which are the closest match to the natural oils in your hair. Combined with other ingredients this range combats so many hair issues quickly, effectively and consistently (see the list below). The packaging is so attractive I adore it! Each product has a natural brown pattern wrap with lime green graphic enhancements and lids. The design and colours are so eye-catching and indicative of the products inside! They look stunning lined up on your bathroom shelf!! In the next few paragraphs I will attempt to review all of the products that I have tried from the range.  This is Macadamia Natural Oil’s story & ethic:


Macadamia Natural Oil  products meld the lightweight and nutrient-rich properties of Macadamia nut and Argan seed oils to revitalize even the most problem hair, nourishing from root to tip for effortless health and beauty.

In A Nutshell

Macadamia Natural Oil is a premium, professional hair care line focused on healing and beautifying problem hair via a modern application of Macadamia and Argan oils. Their focus is on the curative powers and results of their time-tested, nature-based ingredients.


Macadamia Natural Oil’s ultimate passtion is to set people free from the burden of problem hair; whether it's damaged, dry, frizzy, lifeless, or just hard to manage.

Problem Hair Defined

The Macadamia Natural Oil line has been created specifically to help those with "problem hair". If you feel that your hair has one or more of the following "problems", our products will be a can't-live-without addition to your daily beauty regimen.

 Macadamia Natural Oil Rejuvenating Shampoo

macadamia shampoo

This lightweight consistency shampoo contains no parabens, chemicals or chemicals that can strip your hair of its natural oils. The shampoo is a golden opaque gel that smells absolutely divine! It has a fruity, natural sweet fragrance that leaves your hair subtly scented. You only need a small amount of shampoo which turns into a creamy thick lather with massage and immediately your hair feels soft, detangled and smooth. It is easy to rinse away and leaves no residue or weightiness to the hair. This shampoo is so nourishing with its extracts of Macadamia and Argan oil you could easily discard your conditioning routine! Apparently these two ingredients most closely match the natural oils in your hair so he results are both beneficial and fantastic. After drying my hair is unbelievably shiny, smooth and the colours more vibrant. I adore the packaging for this range which consists of an earth brown full wrap design with lime green lids and labels. My bottle of shampoo came with a handy sanitary and practical pump which prevents overuse of your products. Shampoos often don’t give maximum results until you use your conditioner but the feel of my hair after just the cleansing routine was amazing.

Macadamia Natural Oil Moisturizing Rinse

macadamia conditioner

This product is classed as a moisturising rinse however in simplified terms it is a conditioner. The consistency of this product is an off white runny cream texture with a gorgeous fruity sweet fragrance that leaves your hair subtly scented. The rinse is highly concentrated so I only need a tablespoon of product for my past shoulder length hair. After shampooing I apply the product to my hair and comb through from root to tip. Immediately you comb glides through your hair without resistance! After 1 minute you simply rinse away with warm water and dry as normal. The results are smooth, conditioned, detangled, soft shiny hair without a trace of flyaway! This product does not cause greasiness or weigh your hair down at all, even if your hair is fine! These products also prolong the life of coloured hair. This conditioner is so easy to use and the results are amazing! I cannot recommend highly enough!!

Macadamia Natural Oil Nourishing Leave In Cream

3119 MacadamiaNaturalOilNourishingLeaveInCream_1331854687

I am a huge fan of leave in conditioners as they continue to nourish and protect the hair until your next wash. The consistency of this conditioner is a thick, white cream with a gorgeous fruity sweet fragrance that leaves your hair subtly scented. I only need one pump of the conditioner for my past shoulder length hair so the bottle is very economical. As this product contains natural oils you can be forgiven for having concern of applying cream to your hair but the concerns are unfounded. After combing through the hair it immediately feels silky soft, detangled and smooth. After drying you will be stunned at the results! My hair looks healthy, with unbelievable shine and bounce, like it was before I ever chemically treated my hair. This product does not cause greasiness, dullness or weigh your hair down at all, even if your hair is fine like mine! This conditioner is so the colours in your hair just glow with vibrancy. You can combine this leave in conditioner with the nourishing Treatment Oil at the same time for extra sleekness and shine! A wonderful leave in product!

Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque

macadamia mask


I treat my hair with a deep nourishing mask once a week to attempt to keep the health of my hair intact. The consistency of mask is a very thick silky off white cream with a gorgeous fruity sweet and natural fragrance that leaves your hair subtly scented. This mask is highly concentrated and I only need one tablespoon of product for my past shoulder length hair. The mask can be applied to damp or dry hair and after combing through you leave for 5-10 minutes for the best results. The product penetrates the hair shaft without the need for covering or heat and the added ingredients of tea tree oil, chamomile oil, aloe and algae are soothing on the scalp. Your scalp feels refreshed during use. After 10 minutes you simply rinse the mask away with warm water. This takes a few attempts depending on the length and thickness of your hair but do not be alarmed if there appears to be product left present after rinsing. After drying my hair looks healthy, with unbelievable shine and bounce, sleekness and vibrancy. There is no trace of flyaway, brittleness or dryness and my hair is so soft to the touch. My colours look more vibrant and the health of my hair is restored. I use this mask twice a week for optimum results. The results from this mask are instant and amazing and if you have any of the hair concerns listed above I highly recommend this purchase!

Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment

 oil treatment

The consistency of this oil is lightweight with a gorgeous golden opaque colour and a gorgeous fruity sweet natural fragrance that leaves your hair subtly scented. This oil is highly concentrated so I only need one pump of product for my past shoulder length hair. This can be applied alone on damp or dry hair or combined with the leave in conditioning treatment to enhance the results. After combing through the hair it immediately feels silky soft, detangled and smooth. After drying you will be stunned at the results! My hair looks healthy, with unbelievable shine and bounce and each hair strand is sleek and full of health. There is no trace of flyaway, brittleness or dryness. This oil actually reduces drying time up to 50% reducing the risks of heat and styling damage. The ingredients give natural UV protection to the hair against environmental aggressors. Even on fine hair this product does not cause greasiness or weigh your hair down at all and the colours in your hair just glow with vibrancy. These products also prolong the life of coloured hair. I also use this product at random on the ends of the hair to combat the appearance and worsening of split ends and damage.

If you are frightened about using an oil based product in your hair you should not be alarmed. This oil is one of the most versatile and effective hair care products out there and once you have got over your fears you will never look back!!

Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Spray

oil spray

This ultra-fine, non-greasy mist instantly absorbs into your hair, infusing moisture and shine to dry and thirsty locks. The fantastic super fine mist applicator is perfect for evenly coating the hair without saturation and the oil immediately soaks into the hair for instant hydration, sleekness and shine. This product does not leave a greasy or sticky residue on the hair at all. Your hair will stay frizz free for hours with no traces of flyaway or dryness. The beautiful shine it gives to the hair is instant and stunning! The mist is so fine that the bottle lasts for a long time and it is an excellent size for your handbag for touch ups throughout the day or for travel! This product instantly revitalizes the look and texture of your hair.


My Conclusion

The Macadamia Natural Oil hair care products are simply one of the most impressive and effective hair care regimes I have ever used. Combined with the heavenly fragrance, natural ingredients, lack of harsh chemicals and stunning results I can put my hand on my heart and say that this range cannot fail to impress you. If you budget will allow the purchase I am sure you will not regret this choice. This range has captured some of nature’s most powerful ingredients in a bottle and I plan to continue use from now on!


Kérastase Elixir Ultime

This oil is a beautiful, multi-tasking product which has phenomenal effects on the hair. Many people fear oils as a hair treatment as they think it will cause greasiness and residue on the hair but this is completely untrue. This oil by Kerastase is amazing! It has a blend of the following ingredients:

1. Pracaxi Oil: Celebrated for its rich conditioning properties
2. Argan Oil: One of the rarest oils in the world, famed for its nourishing benefits
3. Maize Oil: A Kerastase heritage oil used in their first ever masque
4. Camellia Oil: A luxurious a fragrant oil extracted from camellia flow

The fragrance of this oil is absolutely beautiful! It smells exotic and floral and it lightly fragrances your hair after application. The oil comes in a practical pump dispenser bottle to prevent over usage and a beautiful gold box.

kerastase 4

I have used this oil in many ways and I will list them for ease:

  1. As a pre wash treatment, left in for 5 minutes and then rinsed and washed with a good quality shampoo
  2. On towel dried hair before styling
  3. As a leave in conditioner when allowing hair to naturally dry
  4. As an after treatment when hair is dry to give sleekness and shine and to eradicate flyaways

The pre-wash treatment is amazing. I apply two pumps of the oil to my dry hair and comb through. I then leave for 10 minutes under a shower cap. After rinsing and shampooing with a good quality shampoo my hair looks sleek, unbelievably shiny and soft and the hair shafts smoothed with no trace of split ends or flyaways. Used on towel dried hair before styling allows you to comb your hair with ease and your finished style looks vibrant, soft with amazing shine. After styling on dry hair this oil is excellent for preventing flyaways, frizz and to give you hair an instant shine boost.

Whichever way you choose to use this product the results are phenomenal and your hair looks gorgeous with radiant shine. This is a self prescription product which enables you to treat you hair depending on your personal circumstances. I only need a maximum of two pumps per applications so the bottle lasts for ages.

The only limititation to this oil is your own imagination!!

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