Lush's antibacterial 13 Soap eliminates germs without harmful chemicals or alcohol

Lush's antibacterial 13 Soap eliminates germs without harmful chemicals or alcohol

Just by getting into the habit of washing your hands regularly you can help prevent the spread of germs and cut your chances of catching flu this winter. With the return of the swine flu, it has never been more important to wash your hands and ensure personal hygiene than now.

Lush's antibacterial 13 Soap (£3.60 for 100g) is a powerful herbal concoction that will eliminate all manner of germs without the use of harmful chemicals or alcohol.

Initially designed for nurses who kept coming into our shops looking for soap with oregano in, as they had heard it helps combat the spread of MRSA. 13 Soap combines oregano and antibacterial rose to help keep hands bacteria free. There's also a blend of antiseptic Manuka honey, circulation boosting geranium oil and soothing rose absolute to leave your hands squeaky clean, soft and delicately scented.

Oregano oil is the special ingredient as it has exceptional antibacterial qualities. It can also work to deodorise the skin, keeping nasty odours at bay. The most effective way to keep hands clean is to wash them frequently and thoroughly with a bar of soap and water. Research has shown that 10 seconds of washing hands is enough to remove microbes. This is because the mechanical action of rubbing a bar of soap on hands helps to rinse viruses and bugs down the drain.

Liquid soap is less effective than a bar of soap at removing bugs. Liquid soap itself may be contaminated from the air drawn into it through the container pump, or the preservative system may fail. Soap is an alkaline solid medium, which cannot support microbial growth and doesn't need a plastic container.

To pick up these and many more ethical, cruelty free cosmetics visit Lush shops nationwide.


Lush Cosmetics 13 Soap (Unlucky for Dirt) Lushcosmetics
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