SQOOM gives the youthful look you have always dreamed of

SQOOM gives the youthful look you have always dreamed of
SQOOM gives the youthful look you have always dreamed of - 3.8 out of 5 based on 5 votes

For just a few pounds and a few minutes a day, your skin can easily look 10 years younger. SQOOM, the German skin treatment system is coming to the UK and will be launched exclusively in Harrods in spring 2011, giving shoppers the youthful look they have always dreamed of.

Two product lines have been developed by Helmut Schick, CEO of the Schick Medical GmbH. SQOOM antiAge and SQOOM med are based upon the same key principle: massaging both the epidermis (cuticle) and the dermis (corium) to activate muscular tissue beneath the skin and trigger regeneration and elasticity.

Specifically developed xcential hya gel, DeSpot gel and cleanser gel are applied to the skin with the help of a handheld device. This sonic device penetrates the outer layers of the skin with the patented 'Synchron Technology' of ultrasound and ionisation. The active ingredients of the gel get to work on the damaged areas. The SQOOM device is designed to European electrical standards and equipped with a titanium transducer and longlife battery. It guides the user through six beauty programmes for the skin; cleansing, massage, nutrition, lifting, whitening and wrinkle care. By applying the gels in a specially designed 12 minute regime, the user is able to achieve long-lasting results. Will this be the end of the face-lift?

Three different gels are available at Harrods to use with the device. SQOOM cleanserGel prepares the skin for the beauty programme. It contains chamomile extract based on aloe vera to give a mild tightening effect. This gel provides the skin with beneficial conditions for skin-friendly micro-organisms. The SQOOM xcential hyaGel is an anti-aging gel. This penetrates the critical skin layers, filling any hollow spaces and refreshing the skin in a smooth and natural way. The SQOOM DeSpot gel based on genistein and sulforaphane is designed for the deep treatment of age spots.

SQOOM antiAge and SQOOM med will be launched on March 1 2011. The treatment is available with the device in silver or black at £549 including two hyaGel products. A luxury device is also available exclusively at Harrods decorated with Swarovski Crystals for £1090 including two xcential hyaGel products. Additional gels can be purchased in the store. DeSpot Gel and xcential hyaGel are priced at £79 each and cleanserGel is £19.

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