Organic, Natural and Ethical Skincare Products by Sheamooti for mamas and babies

Organic, Natural and Ethical Skincare Products by Sheamooti for mamas and babies

Shea Mooti use Shea butter in all their products; an emollient that, in its pure form, is unsurpassed in maintaining and protecting delicate skin. Their shea butter is ethically sourced from AfriKids' Daughters, a multi-cooperative in rural northern Ghana. This self-titled women's collective has been empowered by local charity, AfriKids, to secure a bright future for their families through dignified income generation.

Shea Mooti has just launched its new range of natural and ethically sourced skincare designed for mothers-to-be and their precious bundles. The range includes stretch mark oil, body balm, foot cream and organic soaps. Shea Mooti products contain no artificial ingredients and are lovingly prepared using only pure, botanical oils and butters hand picked for their quality and beneficial skin care properties.

Shea Mooti founder Violet Reid said:

"We are extremely excited to have created a brand for mamas and mamas to be that we can confidently say is made from ethically sourced ingredients that are natural, pure and of the highest quality. Shea Mooti products will provide you with the best possible result - naturally gorgeous, pampered skin for you and your beautiful baby!"


The Shea Mooti 'Mama to Be' product range includes:

Mama's Everything Body Balm - the most versatile product in the range. Our nutritious balm can be used to soothe and moisturise the bump, bottom, udders, lips, knees and even heels.

Mama's Belly Rub Stretch Mark Oil - for those super stretching months to come.

Mama's Soothing Leg and Foot Cream - therapy for those hard working legs carrying a heavy load.

Handcrafted Organic Soap - made with Fair Trade oils and ethically sourced Shea Butter to enrich and soften skin.


Looking to the future, Violet hopes to expand her ethical skincare range, introducing a wider choice of baby products with the aim of continuing the special journey travelled by a mother and her baby.

Violet explains:

"The idea of making natural skincare was conceived after the birth of my son Alex (who is now 5 years old). He had very dry skin, cradle cap and was prone to eczema. Like all good mothers, and having a nursing background, I hurried to have him examined by the doctor who prescribed steroid creams and treatment shampoos that contained harsh chemicals designed to ease the discomfort. I later realised the condition would be ongoing and the creams would offer only temporary relief. I tried using many other 'organic and natural' labelled baby skin products on the market but they only exacerbated his poor skin condition. So the journey in search of a solution began."

"I realised that the only way to be certain that the creams and body wash I was using on my baby were natural, pure and did not contain anything nasty was to make them myself. After intensive research I enrolled into a natural soap making course and later a course on making creams and potions. I was totally addicted! The one most important ingredient I discovered along the way was Shea Butter."

"This emollient in its pure form is unsurpassed by any other in maintaining and protecting delicate skin. I added Shea butter to all my formulations, which of course included the purest natural oils and ingredients, to ensure optimum efficacy - which equalled great skin. There was a marked improvement to my son's skin and by then I was expecting my second baby so I decided to make some oils and body butters for me and the new arrival."


0 #3 leeannp 2012-11-01 18:25
very interested in this product would like to see how it affects ym skin as i have dry skin in cold weather but no other skin problems
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+1 #2 Dese 2012-06-03 12:10
I love the fact that this company promotes employment and fair wages for workers in Ghana. I am going to tell my friend about it, who did VSO there... I love shea butter too and need products that are suitable for eczema, how can I resist this range? Everything sounds good about it!
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+1 #1 mixnmatch1 2011-12-29 18:57
This product looks fantastic :)
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