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Top 10 Hair Straightening Methods Review: Products and Straighteners

Top 10 Hair Straightening Methods Review: Products and Straighteners
Top 10 Hair Straightening Methods Review: Products and Straighteners - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

There are many different ways to create the sleek, shiny look of pin straight hair. Here is a review of the top ten methods of straightening hair, in no particular order. You will read here about hair strengtheners, hair straightening products and it will be easier for you to choose your hair straightening method.

  1. Shampoo and Conditioner: There are many shampoos and conditioners on the market today to help encourage your hair to straighten, but most need to be used in conjunction with another product. Be sure to look for products that can help protect your hair from the heat of blow drying or ironing, and choose a very good conditioner.
  2. Silicone Serum: Adding a touch of silicone serum will give your hair extra shine, but be careful, as a little bit goes a long way.
  3. Blow Dry Straight: Blowing drying is an effective way to straighten your hair, but it must be used with a protective product and you should use a weekly conditioning treatment to keep your hair healthy. Remember that heat is not as important as a good strong air flow.
  4. Ion Conditioning Blow Dryers: A new concept in blow drying hair, these blow dryers send negative ions to the hair, replacing moisture and protecting the hair, while also cutting down drying time.
  5. Straightening balm: Usually used in conjunction with blow drying or ironing, a straightening balm can help cut down on frizz, especially in humid weather, and protect dry hair.
  6. Chemical Strengtheners: Chemical strengtheners should always be applied by a professional, as everyone’s hair is different. The good news is that chemical strengtheners can keep the hair straight for up to six months, but the hair needs a great deal of conditioning, blow dryers should be used sparingly, and adding colour could damage the hair.
  7. Thermal Reconditioning: This new procedure, which was developed in Japan, is a permanent way to straighten hair, and is good for all types of hair. The downside is that it takes a very long time and can be very expensive.
  8. Ceramic Hair Strengtheners: Hair irons that have ceramic plates have extremely smooth surfaces usually have no edges that will catch the hair, and heat up very quickly, in around thirty seconds.
  9. Titanium Hair Strengtheners: Hair irons with titanium plates infuse the hair with negative ions which help protect the hair and helps prevent coloured hair from fading.
  10. Steam Hair Strengtheners: Steam is an effective way to straighten hair, but beware of badly made products that will eventually break down or cause hot water to spill on you as you iron your hair.
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