Nyce Legs spray-on stockings look great any time you need them

Nyce Legs spray-on stockings look great any time you need them
Nyce Legs spray-on stockings look great any time you need them - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

There's nothing to beat wearing floaty skirts and dresses as soon as the temperatures start to rise. But with this comes the dilemma of what to wear underneath - tights or stockings? What if they snag while you are out? If it's a warm day, am I just going to get hot and sticky? Do I need to buy a fake tan, too, since my legs are now reflective from being under wraps for months?

With spring coming closer, and the albeit faint promise of warmer weather, our thoughts turn to our wardrobes and shaking off the lighter clothing. There's a solution to all of these matters and it comes in the form of Nyce Legs spray on stockings. These amazing 'stockings in a can' come from the United States and look great, any time you need them.

Nyce Legs is made from non-toxic ingredients. Simply shake the can, spray over your legs and feet and smooth in to give a perfect, flawless, streak-free finish which lasts for hours and will not smear on to your clothes. You can wear Nyce Legs whenever you want - even in the swimming pool or at the gym.

Nyce Legs will cover up all your imperfections, from spider veins to scars and blemishes and leave a beautiful matt finish to your legs. It'll look like you're wearing nylons, but you'll know better!

So say goodbye to pinched, tight waistlines; ladders, sagging ankles and say hello to a beautiful, flawless finish with Nyce Legs.

Nyce Legs is available in three colours: light, medium and dark. Each can lasts for approximately three applications. Nyce Legs can be removed using soap and water.

Please note, Nyce Legs will not cover up tattoos.

Nyce Legs is available from Peak Nutrition.


+1 #1 hazelangell 2011-08-03 11:52
I think I'm going to try this product, it looks great - can't believe you can use it whilst swimming too! Fantastic. Only 3 applications a tin is a shame, found it online for around £15 so £5 an application. Although you would probably spend that much on stockings which would possibly snag/ladder anyway so not too expensive and definitely worth it for special occasions. Can't wait to try it.
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