Boss Orange Man - a holiday impulse buy but will it last?

BOSS Orange Man Eau de Toilette BOSS Orange Man Eau de Toilette
Boss Orange Man - a holiday impulse buy but will it last? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 3 votes


Clipboard02This blog will actually start when I get back from skiing but a little background. I don't normally buy from airport shops but I did buy the Chanel Allure Homme Sport (see another blog) from one on a recent holiday so here we go again. Reasonably at random I chose Boss Orange Man (40% off helped) and decided to make it a new long term test. Let's see where this little adventure goes ☺

 Okay so starting with the basics: I paid £31 odd for the 100ml which at Boots would have been £52.50 so I'm going to assume the higher price as I need to keep in mind what I would have paid.

Boots gives this description: "BOSS Orange man is a spontaneous and passionate fragrance that combines an energising blend of crisp apple, attractive Frankincense, warm vanilla and masculine bubinga wood. It perfectly encapsulates the free-spirited optimism of the BOSS Orange man."

Boss goes into a little more detail: "It is its woody personality that makes this new BOSS Orange Man fragrance so special. Normally, wood essences are only used to provide the base notes, but the essence of bubinga wood dominates the composition of this BOSS Orange Man fragrance in its totality. This innovative extract, in combination with vanilla, fresh apple and (Show more…) frankincense chords, gives this fragrance the easy-going, unconventional personality that also characterises the BOSS Orange man. Orlando Bloom, the new campaign face, said about his new task as brand ambassador, "I identified with BOSS Orange and its easy-going spontaneity for life straight away. I like the concept of the new campaign, and I am really pleased to have been asked to present this new fragrance.

The test starts tomorrow when I'm back at work.




Week 1

 Very impressed so far! For once this is a fragrance that actually stays around (but not in a nasty way). Genuinely lasts all day and stays fresh. The scent is warmer than I imagined and seems to work very well on my skin. No one seems to have noticed but you can't have everything.

Month 1

Going really well! I really like the scent and there's plenty left in the bottle. The longevity is excellent and I'm really growing to like the way it keeps reminds me it's there. Actually getting a few comments about how nice it is so I can't really complain.

 Feels like forever since I was skiing and buying the Boss Orange Man but I have to say that I'm very impressed: I love the fragrance and it has staying power plus it's economical to use! No idea if it'll stack up as the weather warms but I'll come back to this blog in the summer and we'll see. For now I saying that this one's a success!


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