Are Eye Creams A Must?

Are Eye Creams A Must?
Are Eye Creams A Must? - 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 votes

I was doing some research for a blog post on Fifty Chic and came across an insightful article by Paula Begoun of Paula's Choice. Like so many of us, I've bought into the idea that not using an eye cream means I'll wake up one day looking like a basset hound. 

Are eye creams are specially formulated?

According to Paula, who is an authority and one of my go-to references, what you get when you buy an eye cream is something half the size (or smaller) of your facial moisturiser that usually costs twice as much without being signficantly different or more concentrated than any state of the art moisturiser or serum. Despite the marketing hype, it seems that almost without exception, eye creams are not specially formulated. The ingredient listing does not differ significatly from facial moisturisers. Another reason to read your labels. 

What about dark circles?

I hear you say "but what about dark circles?". I get asked about this one a lot. Sorry girls, there is no research or valid studies that prove any particular ingredient will eliminate or reduce dark circles. The fact is, genetics most often dictates this particular condition. The best you can hope for is to minimise the appearance of dark circles aka find yourself a great concealer and be faithful to it. Jackie O size sunnies wouldn't go amiss either and also help to shield your eyes from wrinkle inducing UVA and UVB. And speaking of which, eye creams rarely contain sunscreen, something that hadn't even crossed my mind until I read the Paula Begoun article. 

Yes, the skin around the eyes is thinner and more delicate, but not so much so that it warrants a specialty product. You want the same anti-oxidant ingredients going around your eyes as you do in your facial moisturiser. The only exception is if the skin around your eyes is especially dry (which mine is, despite the fact I'm religious about skin care), in which case you may benefit from a good eye cream. Alternatively, apply your usual serums, day and nght creams to the eye area just as you would to the rest of your face and neck. 

Paula's Choice - Do You Really Need A Separate Eye Cream?

This is a revelation that the brands aren't going to like, and not everyone is going to agree and be happy to toss their eye cream either. I've poached sections of the original article for use here, so please go to Paula's Choice to read the full article and decide for yourself. As for me, I think I'll be giving eye creams a closer look, and not with a view to purchase.


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