Kissglove Authentic Moroccan Deep Exfoliating Glove

Kissglove™ Authentic Moroccan Deep Exfoliating Glove, RRP £ £9.95 Kissglove™ Authentic Moroccan Deep Exfoliating Glove, RRP £ £9.95
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I have taken considerable time with this trial of the Kissglove Authentic Moroccan Deep Exfoliating Glove. The reason for this is that exfoliation is not intended as a daily treatment and I have been keen to observe the results of this product over a period of weeks as appose to days. The long term results of exfoliation are progressive, therefore this trial could not be rushed. Exfoliation is a key part to any beauty regime and over the years I have tried many exfoliation products available to the market. The glove exfoliator is the first of its kind that I have trialled.

The description of the Kissglove Exfoliating glove states that the glove is Commonly referred to as a ‘kiss’ in Morocco, exfoliating gloves have been used for centuries by men & women to rejuvenate and revitalise the skin”. I am particularly drawn to products that refer to their origins and fascinated by different culture’s techniques and ingredients in beauty.

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When the Kissglove arrived it was housed in a simple oblong cardboard box with the attractive colours of black and yellow. The glove can be seen through the clear viewing window on the front of the box. The instructions of use of the glove are simple, clear and concise. When removed from the box the glove itself is a simplistic design of a ‘mitt’ with an elasticated cuff and a handy hanging loop on the side. The colours are black and yellow which are striking and attractive in design. I could immediately see that the stitching and construction of the glove was very high quality whilst being extremely lightweight in construction.

Kissglove 7

Upon researching the material used for this product I was delighted to see that it is made mainly from Viscose which is a by-product of wood and nylon. This material has a natural ability for exfoliation due to its course texture. I love that the glove is made from natural products and not synthetics like so many others on the market. The glove slips effortlessly onto your hand and is suitable for any hand size and the elasticated cuff ensures that it does not slip off during your exfoliation massage.

The instructions state that you should not add any bathing products to the water when bathing whilst you use the glove. Partly due to the fact that products can affect the exfoliation texture and make it less effective on the skin. As instructed I soaked in the bath for a while to open my pores and soften the skin. As instructed I used long sweeping circular motions. I did not have to use any pressure as the texture of the glove ensures instant and easy exfoliation. Although you can certainly feel the rough texture of the cloth it is in no way uncomfortable or unpleasant. It gives an instant reassurance that your skin is receiving exfoliation and circulatory massage. The process is very easy and the fact that you are wearing this product as a glove makes it simple to reach all areas of the body with precise control and pressure.

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I have to admit, I was not expecting huge results from this glove due to the fact that I regularly exfoliate (at least twice a week) with good quality exfoliation products, therefore I assumed my skin would have few dead cells to remove. I was very wrong!! Almost immediately after beginning massage, I could literally see the dead skin rolling off onto the surface of the glove. I have NEVER seen this amount of exfoliation from a product and I was simply stunned at how little effort was required to remove dead skin cells. To say I felt a little shocked at the apparent ‘state’ of my skin was an understatement. I not prone to photographing my skin (or dead skin cells) to show the world but I simply had to show how effective the product is. You can cearly see the dead skin cells that were removed in abundance in the photographs below

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As mentioned, the results from this glove are effortless and removal of the dead skin cells from you glove is simple. You just rinse and hang your glove up to dry! There is of course a slight reddening of the skin after use but this is completely natural and the result of increased circulation to the skin surface. There is no tenderness after using this glove. If you suffer anything of the sort after use than you are most certainly massaging to hard. After bathing my skin felt so incredibly smooth and soft, my body moisturiser absorbed more rapidly than it has ever done before. When slipping into my trousers that evening I could physically feel my polished silky skin under my clothes!

Kissglove 1

After several weeks of using this glove twice weekly I have eradicated any dead skin cells and a few areas of keratosis pilaris (skin bumps). Any patches of ingrowing hairs (from razor shaving) are non-existent! These results have improved weekly over time.

I can honestly say that this is by far the most effective and incredible body exfoliation product I have used to date and after several uses there is no sign of deterioration in the glove at all. The quality will ensure that this product will last for a long time, making it excellent value for money! I have completely reverted to this product from my old cream based exfoliators. If exfoliation is a chore for you then I implore you to try this product. It is effortless, incredible and addictive….If like me ou think your skin is sufficiently exfoliated then make this your one purchase this will not regret adding the Kissglove to your bathroom shelf!!


Kissglove™ - Authentic Moroccan Deep Exfoliating Glove Kissglove
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