Chanel Allure Homme Sport let's see how we do

Chanel Allure Homme Sport EDT Chanel Allure Homme Sport EDT
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After my last trial of fragrances I've been having a think about which one to try next and so after much testing I selected Chanel Allure Homme Sport.

This from the Chanel website: "Jacques Polge has created ALLURE HOMME SPORT around the 4 facets - fresh, sensual, woody and spicy - that compose ALLURE HOMME. In this creation, the fresh facet deliberately takes precedence over the other facets and embraces a new sensuality.

A silver lacquered glass bottle, a black rubber cap encircled by a steel ring, and fine black lettering with a touch of red...

Jacques Helleu's design is subtly inspired by the codes of sport. Combined with the unique luxury and elegance of CHANEL, they make this packaging an original and resolutely masculine creation.

Sparkling and invigorating freshness, a natural and radiant sensuality, heightening the scent of a breeze against bare skin... to create an infinitely seductive allure."

So let's see what how sparkling and invigorated I feel using this fragrance!

 So I've done a couple of weeks and how are things going? Very well :) Allure Homme Sport is slightly stronger than Allure and definitely has staying power. Still early days but generally I like this one.

Sorry this blogg got away from me because of work/Christmas... stuff like that! But now I can finish it and tell you what happened next!

... it ran out! I was so surprised as I hadn't realised that I was either using so much or that the Chanel just wasn't lasting well but one day I went to use it and the bottle was empty.

This was a great pitty as I was getting a lot of interest in it and I'd even been asked what it was that I was wearing as people were getting wafts of something nice! Overall I really liked Allure Homme Sport. A practicle bottle (well at least in terms of looks and application but clearly not in terms of making sure you know how much you have) a very pleaseant scent without being overly agressive, masculine but notoverly so and it even lasts.

I very nearly bought some more rather than to try another one but it's time to move one and find another scent to test. Loved this one and I would buy it again - admitedly it was a bit cheaper for me as I bought it whilst on holiday in an airport but even so).



Allure Homme Sport Eau Extrême: Film 1 CHANEL
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