Precious Cosmetics Vanilla Sugar Scrub

Precious Cosmetics Vanilla Sugar Scrub Precious Cosmetics Vanilla Sugar Scrub
Precious Cosmetics Vanilla Sugar Scrub - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

Body scrubs are a staple to any ladies beauty regime, they buff away that old skin and invigorate the new.


So as we are always on a constant search of finding 'those' products that we love and repeatedly use, actively sourcing the best products that are best for our skin.


Well stop here - because I may have found a little secret just for you.



Firstly, more about the amazing product:


Revitalizes your skin.


Removes dead cells and stimulates new cells growth.


Fights against wrinkle formation.


Fine sugars makes this natural scrub an essential part of your cleaning routine.


It works great on body, hand, feet and face.


Suitable for all types of skin. It does not remove your natural skin oil and it leaves skin moisturised.


We recommend scooping out with a clean spoon to avoid water and bacteria contamination. Use on your wet damp skin. Use with gentle circular movements. Add extra drops of water for a smooth action. Stay off the shower jet. When sugar has melted, you could wash it off, but if you have more time, you could leave it on for another 5-20 minutes before you wash. Pat, dry feel great. It feeds your skin with all natural goodies. This product is not chemically boosted to last for years on the shelves.


This product is waterless and has no preservation system.


Contaminating with water WILL cause spoilage and growth of Mould and Bacteria





Virgin Olive Oil,

100% Cold Pressed Grape Seed Oil,

100% Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil,

Raw Virgin Coconut Oil,

100% Cold Pressed Castor Oil,

100% Cold Pressed Argan Oil,


Natural Vitamin E, 

Essential Oils( Rosewood and Vanilla)


Now for the review:


As some of you may know, I am partial to a Facebook competition or two and I came across Precious Cosmetics through their Facebook page.


I am always looking for new products to use and as this page was in my list of recommendations, I had to have a peek.


Whilst looking, I saw they were running a competition to win 100ml of their favourite; the vanilla body scrub.


I just had to enter, if not I would have been upset as having this scrub has made a desirable mark in my bathroom.


I have issues with body scrubs, I find manufactured ones are too abrasive, cause inflammation or reactions and never leave my skin feeling quite right.


My skin always appears red, sore, itchy... you name it... I had it.


So I have been actively sourcing natural products like body scrubs and moisturisers to stop these reactions due to chemicals.


I was sent a wonderful body scrub from Precious Cosmetics and just from looking from the box, you would think that was a high end, very costly product.


At only £5.99 for 100ml you can happily buy one without worry!


So it comes in a gorgeous little black box wrapped in cellophane. I am amazed how little details like this can make a product look sophisticated and inviting, you just want to rip it open and see what is inside.



Of course, I don't do that, I carefully open it as the box is too lovely to ruin, I want it to stay looking good for as long as possible.



As you can see, it is in a lovely cardboard box that is very easy to open, shall we look to see what is inside?

It contains a lovely tub which is quite weighted so there is plenty of product packed in there.



On the top there is another lid with a small pull on it which keeps the contents safe and fresh. You can always spot natural products because they mainly have one of these on as below.



When I pulled the lid off, I was hit with a delicious aroma of vanilla and nutmeg.

I love both vanilla and nutmeg, in baking and products they are so versatime and you can mix them with most things.


This is a very wintery scent, usually what my house smells of around Christmas when I am baking. I mean, come on... what is more relaxing, homely and comforting than nutmeg and vanilla?

It has quite a spicy undertone to it, crossed with the sweet vanilla... ah mouthwatering!


You can see the sugar grains and also grains of nutmeg to give it that warm colour.



I have to stress this part so please, take notice.


Any natural and homemade cosmetics and products do need to be taken care of a lot more than manufactured.

This is because they have no chemicals to give them a longer shelf life, to stop bacteria or mould and also to protect them from sunlight or heat.

This product is best used with dry, clean hands and use a tea spoon to apply to hands.

Also best kept in the fridge or in a cool place away from direct sunlight.


You can see it's quite a fine grain which means it won't scratch your skin. 


This can be quite painful, I have had it happen before and come out with long red scratch marks all over my body.


Coupled with the oils, it creates a barrier also so there isn't too much abrasiveness.


My feet felt fantastic and smooth too, so did my elbows and knees. My main problem areas.


To use, I simply got a tea spoon I have especially for scrubs and put a couple of dollops on my hand.


Rubbing together with a touch of water first, I then applied to my whole body in circular motions.


I kept doing this until the sugar had melted.


You can do in areas first, legs, arms and so on... but I like to get it all done in one go then leave it to soak for a few minutes then rinse off in shower.


Unscrewing the lid is fairly easy, it's quite a chunky tub so very easy to hold and grip.


It has a slight spice scent to it from the nutmeg then a sweetness from the vanilla.


If like me, you have body scrubs for certain times of the year, I really do recommend this for autumn/winter.


Looking at the scrub, you can see it looks exactly like a desert, well that is what it reminded me of.


Now the best part... the texture!


The oils that are added to the mixture do help in application and massaging on to the skin, they sink into your skin whilst the scrub buffs away those dead skin cells and dirt so it works as two products in one, moisturising and exfoliating.


This is a very gentle exfoliation, but does work really well at getting rid of even stubborn skin on feet. 


Not only was I buffed to perfection, my skin felt really moisturised from the oils, eliminating the need for a heavy moisturiser on my body. I could just use a light one.


After coming out of the shower, my skin felt like I had rolled in vanilla and nutmeg. I love how the scent has stayed behind on me, now when do you get that with many body scrubs?


Of course, it was easy to wash off and wash away as eventually, the sugar melted and left no trace behind (My partner will be happy, he hates the particles left after I exfoliated)


So for £5.99 for 100ml and £10.95 for 200ml, you really can't go wrong here.

Go on, give it a go!

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