Argan Dew Intensive Replenishing Hair Mask

Argan Dew Intensive Replenishing Hair Mask Argan Dew Intensive Replenishing Hair Mask
Argan Dew Intensive Replenishing Hair Mask - 5.0 out of 5 based on 6 votes

Argan oil has long since become a staple part of my beauty routine due to its plethora of uses all over the body. I was delighted to be accepted for the trial of the Argan Dew Intensive Replenishing Hair Mask as in the past Argan products have been very effective on my long, dry and colour treated hair.

My 10ml samples of this hair mask arrived in a beautiful wallet style holder that is decorated in typical Moroccan style colours and patterns. The wallet is printed with a concise and interesting description of the product and ingredients. As I have very long hair I am always dubious that small samples will suffice to give me a good gauge of the product within but my fears were completely unfounded. This small packet is so highly concentrated I only used half of the pouch on my first application!

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After reading a few other reviews on the consistency of this product I was dismayed to find that upon dispense from the pouch, the mask was so thick it was not easy to remove from the pack. As I have previously read that others had found this ‘runny’ and ‘not as thick’ as other hair masks, I found myself returning to check the packet to see if I had been sent the correct product? This mask can only be described as a very ‘rich and thick consistency (as per my blog photograph). Upon dispense the mask has a beautiful white pearlescent look to it, which to the eye promises something rather special for your hair.

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As instructed, this product should be applied to wet hair. It does not state in the instructions that you should shampoo first but I did so before applying this product. I dispensed 5ml (half a sachet) into the palm of my hands, distributed evening between both palms and then applied to my hair. The consistency and feel of this mask is pure decadence! It is silky, thick and creamy and applies easily and quickly to the hair. This brings me onto the next ‘love’ of this amazing mask! The fragrance of this product is absolutely intoxicating!!! I have never before been bowled over by the fragrance of a hair product but this hair mask is quite stunning! The fragrance is very difficult to describe and the ingredients on the packaging give nothing away as to the source of this fragrance. It is neither sweet nor floral, nutty nor herbal? I just cannot put my finger on it at all. Nothing about the fragrance seems manufactured or synthetic, it is simply beautiful! It has all the right notes of an exotic but unusual scent that is not an assault to the senses but a pure addiction! Smelling is believing on this one!

As I always do when applying a mask to my hair, I gently comb the product through to the ends. My general rule with a mask is to try it all over the hair, not just the tips as I have several issues such as colour damage, dehydration, dryness, brittleness and split ends due to the length of my hair and years of styling and colouring. This little pouch had its work cut out for my stressed locks! As instructed I left the product to work for 5 minutes and then rinsed. The mask still felt rich and creamy even after 5 minutes (usually a sign of quality) and it was just as much of a pleasure to rinse out as it was to apply! The product was not difficult to remove and I could instantly feel a difference in even my wet hair after removal. I usually need a detangling spray after washing but my comb could glide through my hair without assistance after the use of this mask. THAT is a HUGE plus for my hair!

With this trial I left my hair to dry naturally. This is the best way to gauge the performance of a hair mask, as blow drying your hair to within an inch of its life is not the way to study the true effects of a conditioning mask. As soon as the ends of hair began to dry I could see an unbelievable shine to my hair and best of all, no frizz or dryness!! Just beautiful sleek hair with a stunning mirror like shine! Even my hair colour looked more vibrant and prominent! There was no greasiness and it did not weigh my hair down, even by the roots. It was clear after the first use that this product has something special and my hair is looking in the best condition it has been for a very long time! The softness of my hair is unbelievable and the unmanageable frizz is completely tamed!!

I can only imagine that for those that feel there is no result from this product, they must have hair that is in tiptop condition to begin with. If like me, you have colour damaged, dry or frizzy hair then this product is definitely for you! The results are instant, powerful and stunning!

I am quite desperate to gain a full size pot of this mask and as of yet I have been unsuccessful but this trial has created such a stir in my hair care routine I simply have to own it as a permanent addition to my bathroom shelf! 

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