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Fushi's Really Good Cellulite Oil tackles cellulite and improves circulation, lymphatic drainage and skin appearance

Fushi's Really Good Cellulite Oil tackles cellulite and improves circulation, lymphatic drainage and skin appearance

One of the main causes of consternation among women is the dreaded 'C' word - Cellulite. Current thinking on the causes of cellulite - which presents as dimply fat pockets - are genes, hormones, poor circulation, weak connective tissue, poor lymphatic drainage, sedentary lifestyle and poor diet.

Armed with knowledge of what women want to help beat this condition, Fushi has launched its Really Good Cellulite Oil. Diet and exercise are obvious changes to make to one's lifestyle, but it takes hard work to be fabulous and with cellulite, it also takes the other c word - commitment. Coupled with a really good cellulite treatment - enter Fushi's Really Good Cellulite Oil.

Incorporating Fushi's exclusive new infusing technology, Really Good Cellulite Oil is a potent blend of effective, stimulating and circulation-enhancing ingredients. Gotu Kola, one of the super herbs and known for its superb circulatory benefits, is present at triple strength, and is combined with stimulating, diuretic green coffee, vitamin-rich, nourishing Wheatgerm oil, vitamin E, detoxifying sweet birch and refreshing, cleansing grapefruit essential oil.

According to Rick Hay, Fushi's Nutrition and Lifestyle Expert, "To effectively tackle cellulite, you need to boost the metabolic processes so that you really engage the body's lymphatic and other fat metabolising systems to efficiently eliminate excess fats, toxins and waste at a cellular level. This action helps reduce extra pressure on the skin's connective tissue, which is weakened allowing the pockets of fatty deposits to collect as cellulite.

Fushi's combination of cellulite-busting extracts and circulatory stimulating oils, exclusive to Really Good Cellulite Oil, enhance lymphatic drainage. In particular, the lipid (fat) metabolising properties of CGA (Chlorogenic Acid) found in the green coffee bean extract, and the collagen boosting properties of the Ayuvedic herb, gotu kola which helps strengthen the connective tissue, are the stand out ingredients in this innovative cellulite beating formula. "

One year in development, Fushi's Really Good Cellulite Oil has been vigorously tested on its expert panel. In addition, Really Good Cellulite Oil together with regular body brushing is easy to incorporate in your daily ablutions to tackle cellulite and improve circulation, lymphatic drainage and the appearance of your skin.

Fushi's 'Really Good Cellulite Oil' retails at £.19.95.

Fushi's body care products are free from Parabens, Petrochemicals, SLS, PEGs and synthetics.

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