Anar Naturals Lotion Naturelle Body Cream

Anar Naturals Lotion Naturelle Body Cream, 150ml Anar Naturals Lotion Naturelle Body Cream, 150ml
Anar Naturals Lotion Naturelle Body Cream - 5.0 out of 5 based on 6 votes

I have moisturised my body after bathing since I was 14 years old. This is not only a daily routine I conduct without thought but it is also somewhat of an obsession for me. I detest dry skin on any part of body and I have always purchased skin creams that are deeply moisturising. In later years I have become more obsessional about using products that are fee from parabens, SLS, artificial colours, fragrances and animal ingredients. These ingredients simply do not belong on the skin, so why use them?

I received a sachet sample of the Anar Naturals Lotion Naturelle Body Cream and was keen to see if it offered the same high quality performance as the facial cleanser from the same range. It is always difficult to gauge an accurate result from a single use sachet sample; however, the results from this trial astounded me!

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The lotion is a beautiful pearlescent white and thick in consistency. Much thicker in fact than a standard lotion product. I would class this more as a cream moisturiser than a lotion. With such a small sample I feared there would not be enough product for a full body moisturise but I was very wrong! I dabbed a small amount of the lotion on each limb and my torso to make sure each area received some of the small amount I had dispensed and then began to massage. I expected the lotion to disappear immediately leaving large areas untouched but to my amazement this small amount was perfect for the whole surface of my body. The concentration in the product is phenomenal!! It does not absorb immediately enabling you to move the product around the limbs with a silky slow massage. Usually I would be frustrated with a product that does not absorb immediately but there is a real science to this lotion. The slow absorption enables you to moisturise your whole body with a very small amount of product! Again, when applied to slightly damp skin the product goes even further. The fragrance of this lotion is barely detectable which is a refreshing change for a body moisturiser. Too much fragrance can actually be detrimental to the skin and I liked the unusual but welcome lack of perfume to the product.

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After application my skin felt incredibly smooth and hydrated but with no sign of residue usually left after applying a moisturiser. The true test of any body product is the longevity of the moisture after application. By the next morning my skin still felt moisturised and comfortable. I would be very happy to purchase a full size tube of this lotion and after a singular trial I can see that it would offer excellent value for money and nothing but benefit for my skin. This sample has single handedly changed my view of body lotions which would usually not be enough moisture for my skin.

This is truly an incredible body product made out of the simplest ingredients!

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