Anar Naturals Facial Cleanser Cream

Anar Naturals Facial Cleanser Cream, 50ml Anar Naturals Facial Cleanser Cream, 50ml
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My skin is sensitive at the best of times and I am constantly searching for a cleanser that does not contain the usual nasty ingredients that many brands tend to have. Although I have been fortunate to try many natural based cleansers, I often feel that there is ‘something missing’ from the products to give 100% satisfaction to my complexion issues. My skin tends to be hormonal and easily suffers from stress and environmental factors. Ageing is a prime concern but I still suffer with recurrent bout s of adult acne. When I was selected for this trial I was very excited as the description of this cleanser promised great things.

When the package arrived I was very impressed by the visual impact of the packaging. The little white box containing the product was sturdy and boasts a clean colour choice of white and green, with a small cut out side window where you can see the product nestled inside. Whilst not the most visually striking packaging it gives the immediate impression of a fresh and natural product. The cleanser itself is packaged within a beautiful opaque green, perfectly round plastic container. The look of this container gives the impression of a very high quality product and I loved the quirkiness of the pot. It has a screw top lid and is very easy to open, even with damp hands. Whilst I was highly impressed with the look of this packaging at first I slightly changed my views throughout use on the practicalities of it. The pot has a very small flat area on the base to ensure that it sits nicely on your shelf however, one clumsy move when picking up the pot (and I have a tendency to be clumsy) sent this little pot rolling across the shelf or floor on numerous occasions! By the end of the trial I began to feel that this packaging was more suited to a face cream rather than a cleanser.

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The instructions on the packaging are sadly very lacking. Before the product arrived I had a good read of the description on BOT and this was very informative, however when the product arrived it had virtually no instructions, especially regarding application. I think this is quite a mistake as the product is highly concentrated and many consumers would apply this neat to their skin which is both unnecessary and wasteful. The lack of instructions could be a fatal mistake for a company so I feel this should be addressed.

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When opened, the product is a beautiful pearlescent white and is easy to remove from the pot. The instructions, as stated on Beauty On Trial (not the packaging) is to rinse your face first and then apply the cleanser. Again there is no firm instruction on how much product to use so it was trial and error at first. I can honestly say this is where my true love for this product began. Just one small dab of your finger into the pot is more than sufficient for one application. This cleanser has a phenomenally high concentration BUT only if used on damp skin! You can use this product on dry skin but it would prove a criminal waste of product. When applied to damp skin and massaged, this cleanser turns into a beautiful indulgent lotion consistency and it is pure pleasure on the skin. It lifts away dirt, mild make-up and grease easily and efficiently. The scent of this cleanser is beautiful and fresh. It is hard to pin down an exact fragrance but it is mild and sweet.

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The silkiness of this cleanser is so concentrated you can massage to your hearts content without any dissipation of the product, it is truly wonderful! After cleansing I use a hot cloth to gently wipe away the residue. After the final stage my skin was left feeling dewy, deeply moisturised and soft. After several weeks of use my acne affected areas were greatly eased and my overall complexion fresher and smoother.

For those of you that have sensitive, dry and irritated skins I could not recommend this product enough. Its high concentration should ease the initial blow of the price tag. For me it is worth every penny. After 3 weeks I still have a quarter of a pot remaining and I stress that this would have been more if I had not overused it in the beginning stages. As this is a cleanser that has specific application technique I hope that Anar can rethink their packaging instructions. Should this be achieved I think there will be a huge demand for this fantastic product! If you, like me prefer to feel water on your face then this is the cleanser for you. Just remember that damp skin is the key to this cleanser!


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