MeMeMe Cosmetics Ultra Glossy Lipstick | Shade No.10 Bare Nude Peach Neutral

MeMeMe Cosmetics Ultra Glossy Lipstick | Shade No.10 Bare Nude Peach Neutral
MeMeMe Cosmetics Ultra Glossy Lipstick | Shade No.10 Bare Nude Peach Neutral - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

This is the first time I had been introduced to the MeMeMe Cosmetics range and I was excited to trial the No.10 Bare Ultra Glossy Lipstick. When the lipstick arrived I was thrilled with the design. The lipstick has a large tubular housing made up equal width horizontal stripes in mirrored and frosted silver. The tube looks sophisticated, simplistic and appealing. The mechanism for dispense is the classic ‘twist up’ design which is smooth in action and suggests a much higher priced product. The tube is very good quality.

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The lipstick inside is a good size with the classic sloped top finish. When applied to the lips the product glides on effortlessly and feels indulgent and highly moisturising without the tackiness or sticky feel of a heavy lip gloss. The colour is exactly as described, bare! There is a lovely peachy hint of colour and a tiny hint of glitter but it is subtle and would be suited to all skin tones. I have photographed this on my hand but sadly as I have caught some sun this weekend you cannot distinguish the colour very well. The gloss is high and it could be mistaken for a general lip gloss. This is great bonus as it is literally two products rolled into one.

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This is not a lipstick that you can layer. No matter how many times you layer up the colour stays the same so be careful not to waste your precious product! The scent and taste of the lipstick is classic and nostalgic. After each application my lips feel moisturised, comfortable and look conditioned and healthy. Without eating or drinking I found the product to have good staying power but after food and drink it does need to be re-applied often which is a slight downside for me.

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Removal is simple and fast and the product leaves no stain or colour on the lips. After several applications I am pleased with the longevity of the product and I sense this will be a very long lasting product making it excellent value for money!

This would not come top of my list of lip colours but the MeMeMe Ultra Glossy Lipstick certainly gives many of its more expensive counterparts a good run for their money and has a look and quality that far exceeds its price tag. It is a great performer and a lipstick that thinks it is a lip gloss! For a great all round, every day lipstick I would highly recommend this brand. Why buy a separate gloss and a lipstick when you can have both rolled into one!

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