Eden Organic Care 100% Certified Organic Avocado Oil

Eden Organic Care 100% Certified Organic Avocado Oil Eden Organic Care 100% Certified Organic Avocado Oil
Eden Organic Care 100% Certified Organic Avocado Oil - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

I was thrilled to have the opportunity to trial this new brand and have always been a fan of pure oils. They have so many amazing benefits for the whole body. When I received the Eden Organic Avocado Oil I was amazed at the size of the product. There was no excuse but to use this product with abandon and I quickly set about testing it on as many parts of my body as possible.

An attractive packaging & A stunning bottle

The box is attractive clearly printed and conducive to the pure product contained within. The biggest impact for me was when I removed the product from the box. Eden has scored 100% for me on the packaging. For such reasonably priced oil the bottle is stunning and gives the impression of a high quality product. The bottle is plastic with an inner white tube, giving a beautiful multi-layer look to the bottle. The product is dispensed via a large silver pump action nozzle which is protected by a clear plastic lid. The bottle looks sleek, professional and sits very nicely on show next to your key products on the bathroom shelf.

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I love multi-tasking products and this one did not let me down. I am in my 40’s and am consistently finding oils beneficial to my skin, which can often ne dehydrated, hormonal and of course showing the dreaded signs of middle age. The First trial for me was layering the product under my moisturiser. The instructions state that you should use 2-3 pumps for the face and décolleté but after initial dispense I found that 1 pump was more than sufficient per application. Sadly the pump has quite a jerky fast action and you need to be careful not to shoot the product across the bathroom. This slight issue by no means detracts from the quality of the oil. On dispensing you will find that the oil has an olive green/ brown colour and whilst this not the most attractive colour for a facial product, it is indeed normal and indicates the pureness of the oil. There is a mild Avocado scent to the product which quickly dissipates. If you are a fan of perfumed oils this may not be attractive for you but after all, it is results we like, not cosmetic fragrances. One pump warmed between the palms is easily applied to the face and gives an instant warming and nurturing feeling. It quickly absorbs without greasy residue and I find that I need less moisturiser than usual after the base oil. The oil gives an instant comfort feeling to the skin and deeply hydrates and soothes. After 2 weeks of use my skin looks less dull, more hydrated and it has evened my skin tone significantly. Top marks for facial use for me!

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The second trial was my hair. I use Argan Oil on a regular basis both as a pre-wash treatment and a styling treatment and I had reservations of the capabilities of Avocado Oil for this purpose. These reservations were unfounded. I have very long hair and it is fine so prone to splitting and dehydration. As a pre-wash treatment I applied 4 pumps of oil to the mid lengths and ends of my hair and left for approximately one hour under a good quality shower cap. It does take two shampoos to remove the product but after shampooing I did not need to use my usual heavy duty conditioner as the Avocado Oil was more than sufficient. After styling my hair looks shinier, sleeker and above all less dry. Be careful not to apply to the roots however, as this can weight down the hair. The oil also helped immensely with my itchy scalp which was calmed after the first use. As a leave in product I use one pump applied to the mid lengths and ends before styling. It is a great frizz tamer and gives the hair a beautiful shine by flateening and smoothing the damaged hair cuticles and helping to nourish and retain natural moisture.

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A Body Moisturiser and Hand Treatment

I have also used this oil as a body moisturiser and hand treatment. For the body I found that applying the oil to damp skin ensured that the product would go further. It is not a thick oil but of you use it on towel dry skin you will find you need more product. It instantly hydrates the skin and leaves it wonderfully smooth and supple. I have also found it fantastic on dry feet! A good generous application with bed socks on top works wonders for those dry patches on the feet.

My Findings and Recommendation

After so many uses all over the body I am still only half way down the bottle and I am thrilled at the value for money. It is a wonderful, multi-tasking product that would have benefits for every user. As long as you respect the principles of oils you will always find them a hero product for your tailor made issues! Being 100% organic and the fact the Eden will donate 10% of their profits to world charities I could not rate this product enough. It certainly holds its own against more costly brands and will certainly remain a staple on my bathroom shelf!!


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