Two Vaseline Men Compressed Deodorants (+2 To Compare!)

Vaseline Men Compressed Antiperspirants Vaseline Men Compressed Antiperspirants
Two Vaseline Men Compressed Deodorants (+2 To Compare!) - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes

I was lucky enough to be chosen to test two of the Vaseline Men compressed deodorants:

They come from a BzzAgent trial and to quote from their website:

"Compressed deodorants deliver the same protection, but due to an innovative new spray system they require less gas in each spray. With less gas needed, the can is smaller but still contains the same amount of deodorant. That means it will last just as long as your normal can, even in the smaller size. As well as small cans being more convenient for you, they are also significantly better for the environment, Compressed deodorants use, on average, 50% less gas and approximately 25% less aluminium than normal."

I was interested in trying them because I currently use two roller ball deodorants (one for the gym and one for everyday) partially because the spray deodorants are just too tall to easily use, especially at the gym. Below are a couple of pictures showing you the comparison between my current products and the compressed ones (home and the gym):

Okay so the roller ball products as still shorter but the Vaseline products are pretty close.


 Vaseline Men Active Dry Compressed Antiperspirant

You can see the product page for this one here. This is the product I use at the gym and so far it's been simple to use and easy to carry around in my gym bag but... in comparison to my current product I'm not getting the 48 hour deodorant impact I'm used to. Within 24 hours the products are pretty similar but I definitely feel that the Vaseline on isn't as effective longer term.

On the positive side the spray doesn't sting and it's easy to get focus the spray in the right place. Overall I'm in two minds as I like the ease of use but I'm used to more longevity and impact.


 Vaseline Men Double Invisible Compressed Antiperspirant

The product page is here. This one I've been using every morning as my "going to work" product. I'm always cautious with white marks on my work shirts and I've never found an issue with the Vaseline product but it's even less reliable than the Active Dry version in terms of 48 hour (or realistically 12 hours) deodorising or antiperspirant properties.

Easy to use and it doesn't sting but I wouldn't really want to use it as my primary deodorant antiperspirant.


I actually liked the idea of both of these as I do like spray antiperspirants and they are definitely easier to use (especially in the confined space of the gym) but I just couldn't rely on them and I'll be returning to my old products.


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very interesting to try
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