Opulentia Organics Geranium & Mandarin Body Oil

Opulentia Organics Geranium & Mandarin Body Oil (50ml, RRP £9.99) Opulentia Organics Geranium & Mandarin Body Oil (50ml, RRP £9.99)
Opulentia Organics Geranium & Mandarin Body Oil - 5.0 out of 5 based on 6 votes

It has been an absolute pleasure to trial this wonderful body oil by Opulentia Organics. I adore all body oils and use them whenever possible; however I do not think I have encountered a body as highly concentrated as this one before. As I do suffer from stress on a regular basis, which can manifest itself on my skin condition this oil seemed almost tailor made to my needs

I received a trial size bottle to review and I was immediately struck by the packaging design. A fantastic, simple brushed metal silver bottle with attractive, label and a wonderful tag attached with the Union Jack design. It is a very nostalgic and typically British design which is refreshing, modern and edgy. This type of packaging stand apart from other organic brands that tend to use a more natural approach to their packaging. The trial size oil comes with a screw top lid which I did not find the best for dispensing the oil however on the full size product there is a pump dispenser so this would not cause a problem for future purchase.

Oil 4b

Upon opening the bottle for the first time I was greeted by the most beautiful but subtle fragrance. The predominant scent for me is the geranium but with a subtle hint of mandarin. Mandarin is unlike its highly citrus cousin orange but a sweeter more perfumed version. The combination is amazing and it instantly gives both an uplifting, warming and feel good lift to the senses an skin. Upon dispensing a small amount of oil into my palm it has a wonderful light golden colour, perfectly clear with no signs of impurities and also a much thicker consistency than anybody oils I have tried before. This is where the product gets really interesting….

OIl 2b

I always apply my body oils after bathing on damp skin. The reason this is the best method is that it creates a barrier that locks in the water remaining on an in your skin after bathing. It also allows easier application. Without the presence of water the oil would concentrate itself in one area and would result in unnecessary wastage of product. Initially however I found that this tried and tested method was not as easy with this body oil as with others I have used in the past. The main reason for this is the highly concentrated and thicker consistency of the oil. Therefore I have invented my own method of application that works perfectly each and every time without over application. With a small amount of oil dispensed into one palm I lightly and quickly pat my palms together (don’t rub your palms together as they will absorb your precious oil), then I lightly pat my palms randomly over my arms and décolleté to evenly apply the oil and then massage. I repeat this for each area of my body. By using this pat and apply method I found that I could make the oil go even further and thus extending the life of the bottle.

After application my skin did not feel tacky or greasy, just deeply hydrated and smooth and this moisturisation lasts far longer than conventional body moisturisers. The fragrance is light and beautiful and does not in any way clash with any other fragrance that you may apply. Using this oil liberally every evening the bottle has lasted me the best part of 3 weeks, giving excellent value for money for such a high quality product.

Oil 3a

The best result of this product for me is the deeply moisturising benefits and the fact that it has virtually cleared up one extremely stubborn patch of eczema on my leg that I have not been able to clear for over 12 months. The only disappointment I found with the whole product was that I have run out!! This is a small bottle that yields some very big results and I for one will saving hard to try others in the range!

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