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Head & Shoulders 2in1 Hair Endurance Extra Strengthening Shampoo Head & Shoulders 2in1 Hair Endurance Extra Strengthening Shampoo
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This is a trial supplied to me by the super savvy me site and is one of their savvy circle projects. It covers two Head & Shoulders products, Hair Endurance Extra Strengthening shampoo and Hair Endurance Extra Strengthening Tonic.


Let's start with the 2 in 1 shampoo.


"The head&shoulders Hair Endurance 2in1Shampoo has also been tailored to fi t into your everyday routine, with active ingredients that help protect your hair. Like the Hair Endurance Extra Strengthening Tonic, the shampoo has been formulated to give your hair a boost, by strengthening each strand, whilst being gentle enough to use everyday."

You can (just) see that this is a cream product and it has a very light green colour. The scent is pleasant and lightly fruity. The bottle supplie is 450 ml and has the same bottle style as their other products (curved on the left and flat on the right). This particular bottle is a little big for travelling but it's easy enough to decant.

The tonic.


"Head&shoulders Hair Endurance Extra Strengthening Tonic is a breakthrough product with a triple strengthening formula that is scientifi cally proven to leave hair looking instantly thicker, fuller and more resilient with regular use. When it’s used as part of your daily hair regime, it’s just the tonic to great looking hair and an instant confi dence boost!"

As you can see the tonic comes in a different style bottle. This bottle is 125 ml and you use up to fifteen pumps per use. You use it before styling and leave it in rather rinsing it out.


Sorry I couldn't really get a good picture but you can see that the tonic is quite thick. The scent is more chemical than the shampoo but it is a tonic.

Okay I haven't had any time to try this yet (Christmas has been getting in the way!) but I'm starting the trial today so I'll report back as soon as possible.

Week 1

Okay so it's been a week so how is it going? Very well actually. The shampoo and conditioner is easy to use and milder than I'd expected. I don't have dandruff but my scalp does get dry so I was looking for the improvement there and I actually feel that even after a week it has got a lot better. The bigger improvement comes from the tonic which really does seem to make my hair thicker. I'm not saying that it regrows lost hair but it definitely feel thicker. The tonic feels very... sharp in use; you can definite feel it on your scalp and the feeling stays with you for a long time.

At first I was using the tonic on, what is for me, my full head of hair but today I cut my hair down to it's normal length (very short). I was interested to see if the tonic would have the same impact and it does. Obviously there is less hair to be thick but it definitely still feels thicker than normal.

So, so far so good!

Week 2

Settled down into a pattern of us now but my initial impression of improvement has faded a little which is not to say that things are not as good as in the first week but I think that short hair isn't really receiving the benefit as when my hair was longer. It could also be that I'm getting used to the tonic and so I'm not feeling as much improvement as things are already better.

A big thing is that both the shampoo and the tonic are lasting really well. I'm not sure how long the tonic will eventually last given the size of the bottle but so far I don't seem to be using that much. On to week 3.

Week 3

More difficult week this week as I've been going to the gym and haven't had as much time to use the tonic so I decided to see what it would be like to use the tonic at the gym. The problem is that there isn't much time or space in the gym showers/changing room and it's not a great place to be try out products but I was pleaseantly surprised to find out that the tonic was actually very easy to carry in my gym bag and use in the changing room.

As my hair grows I definitely think it feels thicker but I admit that in terms of looks it doesn't really look any thicker but I do thick it looks darker.

I'm away from home in a couple of weeks on a skiing holiday so I'll see what the tonic's like is some very cold conditions!

 Home from skiing

Interesting, the -25 temperature, wind, snow and high altitude sun played havic with my skin drying it out terribly and so I was impressed by the shampoo and tonic which still gave me fuller and softer hair and seemed to help me keep my scalp from drying out. Very impressive.



+1 #1 gregdessar 2014-01-05 23:11
It does have a different smell but its a likeable quality smell which is so important when your spraying a hair tonic onto clean dry hair.
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