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Eight Body Washes

Okay when renie suggested a shower gel blog I just didn't realise how many different body washes I had in the cupboard! They're all listed on the site (just click the name to go straight to the listing) so you can get some more information about them.All

Some of them I've already used so I've added a quick sentence or two below. Others I'll start using over the next few weeks and then I'll update the blog.



Wingman 3 in 1 Multi Gel – Boom

Wingman"This latest innovation from Wingman allows you to shower, shampoo and shave all from one bottle."

Molton Brown Black Peppercorn Body Wash (formerly known as Re-charge Black Pepper Bodywash)

Peppercorn"Fiery black peppercorn oil with bergamot and oakmoss. Their award-winning bodywash fires up the senses, in an instant."

Molton Brown Water Mint Body Wash (formerly known as cool buchu)

Cool buchu"A body wash with Croatian water mint (for antioxidant protection), buchu extract and cardamom."

Imperial Leather - Foamburst Rebalancing Green Tea & Jasmine

Foamburst"This luxurious body wash transforms from a smooth gel into an abundance of rich, creamy lather that glides across your skin like silk."

Dove Silk Glow Body Wash

Silk glow"Radiant skin is not something you save for special occasions - you want to give it that glow every day."

Dove Cream Oil Body Wash

Cream oil"A seriously pampering shower experience that effectively nourishes skin."

Original Source Vanilla Milk and Raspberry Shower Gel

Original Source"Made with 100% natural fragrances, this little pink bottle of joy smells just divine, give it a sniff, you’ve got to agree!"

Nivea for Men Sport Shower Gel

Nivea"This 2 in 1 invigorating shower gel, with its fresh citrus scent is enriched with minerals to cleanse your skin and hair and revitalise your senses."


Wingman - sample


The Wingman Boom has a quite extraordinary colour and an unusual texture: it's very close to a jelly rather than a gel. It's very thick which is no bad thing in the shower!


Very surprising! You would have thought that such a generalist product wouldn’t be great at anything but actually Wingman is pretty good with body and hair (and okay as shaving foam). The liquid really is stiff when it comes out of the bottle (it sort of just cuts off when you stop dispensing it almost like a solid) and you can roll it around your hand quite happily like a putty but it does easily then work up into a lather and is actually easy to use. For body, hair and shaving you only eve get a thin foam/lather which is fine for a body wash and seems to work fine in the hair but is a little thin for my tastes in terms of shaving.

It cleans well and it doesn’t strip moisture from either skin or hair but I wouldn’t say that I’d use it every day at home. Good in the gym (despite the bright blue colour) but over time I think it would cause dryness in my skin and hair. Overall, surprisingly good.



Peppercorn - sample

Molton Brown quality but Molton Brown price. I love this range (mine is the older branding but it's the same). I use this, the soap and other products from this range but to be honest it's an indulgence rather than everyday (this doesn't go to the gym with me as it would be a waste).

As I mention in my (somewhat short review - must add to that) this has a male but not the usual "greenary" type. In fact it's not as overtly male as other products and seems to work equally well for woman.

Still love this and as it's my at home (if I can afford it) body wash then it's always going to score well. The Molton Brown quality is excellent and for me the Black Peppercorn is an excellent scent without being harsh or overstaying its welcome. It's mild on the skin but still cleans well and is very easy to dispense and use. Realistically it's too expensive and it certainly doesn't come to the gym with me but it's still a favourite.


Cool buchu - sample

Molton Brown price again but I haven't tried this yet: not to sure based on the sniff test but...


Despite being a big fan of Molton Brown this one is at best okay. The quality is excellent, as are the results, but the scent on this one doesn’t quite work for me. To be fair I often have issues with mint but I wouldn’t say that this actually smells of mint. The original “cool” name seems to work better for me especially when you consider the colour. A great product but it wouldn’t be my first choice if I was paying.



Foamburst - sample

A different sector of the market with the Imperial Leather. It has the usual problem of a foam that's sprayed (compare to the MuLondon foaming products) in that it just continues even after you stop pressing the trigger.


Hummm… this is a strange one! Firstly it feels like using shaving cream to wash your body which really doesn’t feel right somehow and because its foam it really does need you to be fully showered before you start or otherwise the foam just stalls on your skin. It does actually slow over your (wet) skin reasonably well but somehow or other you don’t feel like it’s really cleaning the skin.

Despite being quite a definite fragrance description (green tea and Jasmine) actually I couldn’t smell anything whilst in use which isn’t necessarily a bad thing but it was a bit surprising. But the biggest surprise of all is what your skin feels like after you’re dry: you really feel very very clean! Actually I think what you probably feel is stripped of body oils and therefore you skin is actually in need of a moisturiser. Not sure what I think of this: is the foam too harsh but you don’t notice it in use, or is it just cleaning well and so your skin feels fresh and clean?

The foam is very impractical for the gym: seriously you’d look like you were using shaving foam no matter what and because you can’t decant it you’d have to take the whole can which I always find such a pain.

Overall maybe not one I’d buy but maybe one I don’t mind using (now and again).



Silk glow - sample

This surprised me in terms of texture (very creamy) and I wasn't too keen on the scent but we'll see.


Another one that doesn’t appeal immediately but is better with use. The first thing about Silk Glow is that it’s one of those body washes that actually worked better if you use a sponge or cloth because it’s far too runny to use in a shower without wasting it (okay, well it’s too runny for ME to use in a shower). The liquid is thin but feels rich in the hand and as it doesn’t foam it’s a nice alternative to some of the others.

I wouldn’t say that my skin glows after use but it does feel clean and it is definitely smooth (maybe not silk smooth though). Certainly not as harsh as the Foamburst in terms of moisture in the skin after use but still I did feel that this one stripped more moisture than I would have expected.

Useless in the gym without a lot of wastage but certainly not a bad product.



Cream oil - sample

More cream than oil but we'll see.


This one feels nice on the skin and definitely leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft. Like the Dove Silk Glow, it doesn’t foam but unlike that it it’s easier to use in the shower (that or I’m just getting better!). It has a sweet scent that lingers on the skin: not unpleasant at all but definitely there. Nice and easy to use but again not really a favourite.



Original Source - sample

Nice idea in terms of scent but actually it doesn't work for me: I'd prefer something less sweet.


Really… no… This one just seems wrong to me and the problem is the scent (well that and the colour). It should be nice but to me it smells like you’ve showered in a desert and frankly I’d rather not do that. The product is fine in terms of cleaning and mildness but like other Original Source products I seem to not be able to get beyond the scent and/or the colour. If I ignore the scent then the gel is easy to dispense (though it’s a little eager and it can be wasteful) and easy to use. But I just can’t cope with the scent!



Nivea - sample

Very much everyday value and this is the one I take to the gym!


This has been (and is) my first choice in terms of shower gel at the gym. The gel is more liquid than gel but is still easy to handle in the shower and its works well. The scent is neutral (it’s just sort of clean smelling!) and it lathers and washes away easily. It’s pretty mild and doesn’t strip moisture from your skin or hair. Okay I accept that this is a pretty simple maybe ordinary product and not in the league of the Molton Brown ones but it works well, doesn’t cost a lot and it’s easy to use.



 Let's have a look at the prices:

Wingman 3 in 1 Multi Gel – Boom (250 ml)


Molton Brown Black Peppercorn Body Wash (250 ml)


Molton Brown Water Mint Body Wash (250 ml)


Imperial Leather - Foamburst Rebalancing Green Tea & Jasmine (200 ml)


Dove Silk Glow Body Wash (250 ml)


Dove Cream Oil Body Wash (250 ml)


Original Source Vanilla Milk and Raspberry Shower Gel


Nivea for Men Sport Shower Gel


Well... let's be honest the Molton Browns are expensive (though very good). Overall I liked the Wingman and for that little bit extra it's probably worth it but at second lowest I'm sticking to the Nivea!

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