Three Eye Masks

3 Eye Masks 3 Eye Masks
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Three Eye Masks

01 - Packs


You can read more details and reviews of these products by clicking on the links. Here I’ll just let you see what they look like in use and the impacts or not on the skin.


Jamela 24k Gold Under Eye Mask

02 - Jamela 24k Gold Under Eye Mask


You can see the shape but it’s had to appreciate the thickness and feel of these. You can see the mask under my eye in the inset picture on the left. Despite being a couple of millimetres thick they are comfortable as they are very soft and very moist… but they don’t really sit that well at first on the eye (they do settle down and after that they stay put).

The mask stays moist for the thirty minutes you wear them and are very easy to remove afterwards. I can’t honestly say that I think that they made any difference but you can see a before and after picture below.

07 - Jamela 24k Gold Under Eye Mask - before and after


You can see the amount of moisture the mask leaves on the skin as the after picture shows a lot more definition (and wrinkles!).


Purederm Anti-wrinkle Gel Patches

03 - Purederm Anti-wrinkle Gel Patches


This mask is very thin and pretty uncomfortable to wear but it is easy to position and easy to remove. For me neither of the outcomes of the mask happened. Again there is a before and after picture below.

09 - Purederm Anti-wrinkle Gel Patches - before and after


Unlike the first mask my skin was less shinny and dryer but rather than reducing lines I think I have more.


Purederm Eye Puffiness Minimizing Patches GINKGO

04 - Purederm Eye Puffiness Minimizing Patches GINKGO


Yes this one looks exactly like the other Purederm one and it’s just as uncomfortable. This one is supposed to reduce puffiness, see what you think.

11 - Purederm Eye Puffiness Minimizing Patches GINKGO - before and after


I think you can see that it does plump up the skin but as it also seems to emphasise the lines around my eye socket which makes the overall impact less successful than it might have been.


So overall not really a successful outcome from any of the three masks. Sorry if the pack pictures look a bit odd with the "eye" insets, I thought they'd be less odd looking than full size pictures of the mask under my eye.

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