Revita-EPS Eyelash Growth Stimulator looks completely natural

Revita-EPS Eyelash Growth Stimulator looks completely natural

The eyelashes cause a flattering frame to the eyes and create an aura of attractiveness in both men and women. It's not by accident that we can attract members of the opposite sex by fluttering our eyelashes at them.

Short, coarse eyelashes are the bane of many women's lives hence why lash build mascaras and eyelash inserts are now so popular. Revita-EPS is a new eyelash growth stimulator from DS Labs in the United States and brought to you in the UK by Peak Nutrition Ltd. Via clinical research, Revita-EPS has been shown to grow eyelashes by up to 25% in as little as four weeks. Many users also report a greater thickness and density to their lashes.

In one study, the product was applied each night for two weeks at the roots of the eyelashes using an eyeliner brush. Measurements were taken using SigmaScan software and the study found a 25% increase in eyelash length at four weeks.

Unlike other eyelash growth stimulators, Revita-EPS does not rely on the inclusion of relabelled glaucoma drugs like bimatoprost. Instead, it employs a peptide complex, composed of structural amino acids, which are believed to stimulate the expression of keratin genes and improve overall eyelid health.

Revita-EPS is not a mascara - it will not clump, smudge, run down the face or require constant reapplication. Eyelashes enhanced by Revita-EPS look completely natural...because they are!

To get the seductive eyelashes you want, simply apply Revita-EPS twice daily to the line of the eyelashes and see results in as little as four weeks.

Revita-EPS is available from Peak Nutrition for £32.95

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