5 Days with Vaseline Men Body Lotion Fast Absorbing

Vaseline Men Body Lotion Fast Absorbing Vaseline Men Body Lotion Fast Absorbing
5 Days with Vaseline Men Body Lotion Fast Absorbing - 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 votes

Usually I don’t log my trials this closely but I thought that it might be (semi!) interesting to follow a trial over a few days and to record the different ways that I get to try out these products. This one was a week at home rather than a working week as that really would be dull (commute, work, commute) so most of it is spent in the garden, at the gym, cleaning and cooking.

Day 1

Okay from the video you can see that Vaseline Men Body Lotion is very (very) liquid; it’s almost a milk and so it’s very easy to over use. This is a pity as you don’t need that much as it covers easily and absorbs very quickly.

For my first test I used it after my shower following a long back breaking day digging stones out of the garden (seriously where do they all come from!). You can see in the pictures and the video that I’ve poured the samples (well some of them anyway) into a small pot. I do this for some very practical reasons (taking it to the gym and on holiday, being careful about how much I use, not cluttering the bathroom up with bottles) and one very daft reason: I can never open sachets without scissors! If it was me, a dessert island and a packet of nuts (but no scissors) I’m not sure I’d survive.

The one you can see is from Muji and I use these because I found that the lids don’t break and they’re pretty secure whilst not being too expensive (£1.75 for a 30g Cream Pot). As you can see from the video the lotion isn’t easy to handle from my pot because it’s very light but that’s my fault rather than the products.

The scent is very recognisable as Vaseline but there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s light and not sweet or feminine which makes it ideal for the gym as well as home. In use a finger end of lotion which is enough for an arm. You do feel it on the skin even though it does absorb quickly and for me it left a slightly cold feeling not unpleasant but noticeable. The scent lingers after use (again not unpleasant but noticeable) and even using tiny amounts I felt that my skin was slight damp even a few minutes after use.

Straight from the shower it works well and it certainly helped me feel better after a long day digging up rocks!

Day 2

Today I walked to the gym to test Vaseline Men Body Lotion after a workout session and in the cramped conditions of the changing room. It’s not uncommon for men to use moisturiser at the gym (whether they’d admit to it is another issue) but certainly Vaseline packaging makes it more male friendly and therefore more likely to be added to the kit bag.

I had the same issue as yesterday in that the lotion is so light that it can be hard not to overuse it. This is worse at the gym where you don’t have the time or space to do things in a more measured way. Despite a little spillage (a disadvantage of the lotion being decanted into the pot) it was again easy to apply and absorbed pretty well even after a couple of hours in the gym and then the steam room. It certainly felt good on my skin and helped settle down my skin for the walk home.

Day 3

Back to the garden and a long walk to do some shopping (actually I didn’t buy anything which is always a good result for me). I’ve been wondering how the lotion would handle the amount of time I spend outside in the sun. Between cycling, walking and gardening I probably get too much direct sun on my arms and neck so I usually use something with SPF and do quite a lot of moisturising. After three days of using Vaseline Men Body Lotion I must admit my skin is holding up pretty well. When I test it the skin is actually well moisturised and feels smooth but for some reason my mind keeps telling me that my skin looks dry. I think this is just me getting used to the differences between my usual moisturiser and this one.

Day 4

The weekend so it’s everyday shopping, cooking and cleaning – well there was a bit of gardening first thing! After four days I’m getting used to the lightness of the lotion (far fewer spills) and overall I rather like how it feels on my skin. I still have a strange dislocation between how the skin feels to touch and how it feels in my mind but the reality is that it absorbs and works well.

Day 5

Nothing too strenuous today, shopping, cooking and a few trips to the tip (the result of gardening always seems to be more trips to the tip!). So how have the five days of using Vaseline Men Body Lotion gone and how does my skin feel? Well I can’t say that I can see any difference but given the hard pressure I put my skin under (too many hours in the sun, sweating at the gym and grimy from digging in the garden) I must admit that it feels better than when I use my usual moisturiser. There is still a slight nagging feel of coolness in the skin, not a bad thing but a little too noticeable. I’d probably get used to it after a while but it does seem to sit a little too much at the forefront of my mind.


I rather enjoyed using this lotion and it definitely made a change to my normal one which is much thicker and doesn’t absorb as well. I haven’t tried the retail bottled version so I don’t know what it would be like to use that but it’s too liquid to use in a gym setting easily in my small tub. I think it would be a great alternative and it would interesting to try the other products in the range.


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