Thea Skincare Skin Brightening Fruit Enzyme Creme Moisturiser

Thea Skincare Skin Brightening Fruit Enzyme Creme Moisturiser Thea Skincare Skin Brightening Fruit Enzyme Creme Moisturiser Thea Skincare
Thea Skincare Skin Brightening Fruit Enzyme Creme Moisturiser - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes
A Best Seller-Organic Skin Brightening Fruit Enzyme Creme Moisturiser 100ml    £24.95
Plump,deeply moisturise and brighten your skin with the added benefit of highly nutritious natural and organic skin brightening fruit enzymes which deeply penetrate the surface of the skin, drawing in maximum moisture and nutrients whilst minimising wrinkles and banishing dead skin cells to producing clear even tone skin.
The result: soft, smooth, intensely moisturised skin with a dewy tone, increased elasticity and a firmer, plumper appearance.
Application: Every morning & night after cleansing & toning.
Gently rub all over the face & neck using upwards, circular motions.
Please note: skin may be more sensitive to the sun for a week after application.
Perfect Companion: Face Renew Fruit Enzyme Cleanser

I was given a tester of this product and I was mesmerised by the delicate pot it came in. Not quite see through, it was really a lovely looking pot.
When I opened the lid, I noticed the rich citrus scent that was very invigorating and revitalising. My first initial though was "What a perfect moisturiser for the morning".
I took a little from the pot and applied it to my hand, massaging in small neat circles. The absorbtion was brilliant, there was no greasy texture lefton the skin at all.
Going straight for the kill, I massaged some into my freshly cleansed face which was a little tight from using a face wash. Instantly, the tightness was relieved and the product absorbed really well. The scent was so lovely, I felt refreshed and awakened when using it.
The texture is very light, very easy to apply to the skin and absorbs within minutes. 
I did notice an hour later there was still a very light film of the cream on my face which not had fully absorbed, which was amazing as it left my skin really moisturised.
If you massage the skin an hour later, the whole of the cream gets fully absorbed, but if you want a protective light film on the skin, leave it alone.
Skin felt nourished, looked brighter with one application and I was shocked at how my skin looked.
After 1 week of use, I was really surprised that I had no dry skin what so ever, my skin looked clearer and was a lot brighter.
My face looked more toned after a months use and I was quite sad when I had run out. 
So by the end of the month, my face looked amazing. Clear and toned, I felt this was absolutely amazing and beneficial for my dry skin.
I usually struggle with face creams and find most irritate my skin but this did not at all, it actually helped relieve the tightness, the redness had gone and my face was clearer than it had been in a long time.
I know, if used as a 3 step program, cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising, your skin will look amazing. This will be something I will be investing in this summer.
All in all, for organic and natural, this skin care has reached top marks with me and I highly reccomend this for everyone.
As for ageing, I can not comment as I am only 25 and not having any signs of ageing yet.
This has amazing high reviews of this product and I have to say, it is one of the best!

You can find the product linked below and the review on Beauty On Trial


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