Varama skin camouflage cream can be blended to match any skin tone

Varama skin camouflage cream can be blended to match any skin tone

In the UK there are approximately 1.3 million people (about one in every 45 people) who have visible scarring or a skin irregularity on their bodies; for over half a million of these people (one in every 111), the marking is on their face.

For some, these differences - whether large or small - can cause self-consciousness. If a child is being singled out, teased or bullied because they look different they may find it particularly hard to cope. Part of that coping strategy can be to cover the mark with skin camouflage (also known as cover cream) which can provide immediate change, disguising marks on any part of the body.

Unlike conventional make-up skin camouflage is highly durable, waterproof, is suitable for all skin types and can be used on a variety of skin conditions including port wine stains (birthmarks), eczema, acne and scarring. It is suitable for children and adults.

Skin camouflage expert Vanessa Jane Davies has recently launched a new skin camouflage cream called Varama which can be blended to match any skin tone and adjusted should the marking change colour. The Varama website also provides useful information on what conditions skin camouflage can be used on and how to select and blend the creams.

What if your child has a birthmark or blemish that they want to keep covered up? If they're at a sensitive age even a freckle can make them feel self-conscious. Varama could help children feel more comfortable and help if their skin condition,blemish or scar causes bullying.

Vanessa Jane Davies is the creator of Varama and advises children how they can cover up with skin camouflage Varama if they wish and how parents can help their children if they feel self conscious or unhappy about a visible difference on their face or body.

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