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Exfoliators and Body Scrubs BOTBOT May 14, 2009 1201
Potent Ingredients In One Pot!!
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A beautiful, high quality, spa experience scrub

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Beautiful natural ingredients of sea salt, lime, ginger, jojoba and oils. Sea salt exfoliator that does not scratch or irritate the skin. Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth, energised and conditioned. Gorgeous lime and ginger fragrance. Beautiful deep red jam, jar type pot
Weakest points
Metal fixing on the pot can rust
Let me start by saying that you want a cheap body scrub this is not for you! Elemis are a spa brand and it shows within their beautiful and high quality products. I adore salt scrubs and this one is just divine! The jar is beautiful and deep red with a traditional, sealable jam jar design. The scrub is predominantly a sea salt scrub which is much dryer than some on the market. This is not detrimental at all, oh no! The scent is beautiful. You can smell the ginger and lime which is both refreshing and warm. Lime is a natural cleanser, whilst ginger is an amazingly effective circulation booster. Combined with the sea salt which balances the skin this scrub has more benefits than I can list. The salt is not as course as some I have used and salt scrubs take a little patience. They can be messy and I conduct my scrub standing in a shallow bath so that any free salt particles dissolve in the water. This in itself id a glorious treatment. The salt grains do not scratch or irritate the skin and the oil base leaves your body feeling wonderfully smooth and soft. Your skin literally glows, not from scrubbing, but from the invigorating ingredients. The only small gripe is that over time the metal fixings can rust on the jar but if you take a little time to dry the packaging after use this is not a problem. This is a beautiful salon grade scrub which leaves your skin feeling decadent
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