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Hands BOTBOT September 30, 2013 9192
Slow and slight in results
(Updated: January 15, 2014)
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Easy to use
High SPF protection
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Doesn't absorb particularly well
Leaves a greasy mark
Results not obvious
My first impression when I received this was mixed. I really liked the easy to use, pen like applicator - you simply twist the top and the product comes out at the other end through the foam tip. You just dab on affected areas to apply. I did not like the packaging or branding so I took the plastic sleeve off the pen and it was just a clear tube with the white product clearly seen, which looked much nicer among my other products. I think the name and branding is a bit naff and teenager-ish, but that's just my opinion.

It says to apply on cleansed skin and once the cream is dry you can apply your usual moisture on top. This is where I had issue. For me this did not sink in at all. If I just dabbed the product on it sat there (for hours) as a shiny, sticky mark. After a few days of this I applied as usual but then rubbed in into my skin thoroughly. Even after this it still left a slightly tacky sheen wherever it had been applied. I didn't like this. It also smells, to me, like PVA glue and it certainly was very sticky. This didn't bother me as you can't smell it on the skin once applied, but thought it worth mentioning.

I used this morning and night for the first couple of weeks. As I really didn't like the shiny marks it would leave I then used it for the last couple of weeks just before bed on bare skin. All in all the amount of product lasted just under 4 weeks for me.

The results are slight but not remarkable enough for me to purchase again, even with the generous discount. I also used this is conjunction with Garnier's Anti-Dark Spot Moisturiser and Nivea's Age Spot Moisturiser so I think the combination of all products has seen an overall improvement, albeit slight.

I've really enjoyed trying this, however, I still have brown sun spots so I continue my search for something to remove them.
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