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Bodhi Jasmine Falls relaxing body moisturiser
Body Moisturisers catsholidaycatsholiday November 10, 2013 1160
Relaxing and just so luxurious
(Updated: November 10, 2013)
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This has to be one of the nicest smelling body lotions I have come across.It smells lovely of jasmine and sandalwood but so natural and lasts ages on my skin.

When I use this I can sit for hours and lift my arm to have a quick sniff and hit of the lovely sensuous aroma. I just can't get enough of it.

So in this bottle you have jasmine essential oil which soothes the skin and helps to relax and calm the mind.

They have also included a 'High-Altitude Lavender' which is also very relaxing and helps to heal and calm skin too. It has also found to be great at stimulating skin cell re growth.

The moisturising comes from two great natural ingredients Kukui Nut Oil with lots of vitamins A & E and omegas which help skin cell renewal.

Finally lovely nutty smelling Shea Butter again with vitamins A & E and this is not only moisturising but also helps to soothe skin. She butter contains Vitamin F and special acids which help improve the skin's elasticity so making it younger in appearance.

So not only is this a fabulously luxurious and great smelling lotion but it really does your skin and mind good.

It feels gorgeous as you apply it sinking in quickly yet leaving the skin soft and not wet or greasy to touch.

Having used this for a few weeks now I can honestly say my skin feels softer and looks much softer and tighter so younger than it did.

I am sold on this and hope that someone I know reads this as i would love to try others for Christmas gifts!

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This is a really strong , relaxing and rather sensuous scented body lotion
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It is a bit expensive if you are on a limited bidget
This is a luxurious scented body lotion full of natural goodness and essential oils
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