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Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Daily BB Cream
Body Moisturisers BOTBOT September 22, 2011 3299
Far From Perfect
Overall rating
Ease of use
Value for Money
only for limited use (i.e. as foundation)

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Strongest points
+ even skin tone
+ protection from weather perks
+ good moisturizer
+ decently priced
+ SPF 15
+ nice smell
Weakest points
- too oily texture
- easy transfer
- limited shade range
- may produce a yellowish tint to the skin
- has alcohol as an ingredient
- non-economical use (packaging issues)
I have used Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Daily BB Cream mainly for creating a festive make-up when you have to create a sophisticated image. This BB cream indeed contributes to even skin tone, masking imperfections. The trick here is to be fast while applying the product since it dries out pretty quick and you find yourself having darker patches on the face. It is a good priced item and best used as a foundation for ‘building up’ the ‘bigger picture’.
My dry skin being not prone to breakouts has also enjoyed the cream’s moisturizing properties. Miracle Skin Perfector acts as a good skin care solution for cold season protection the face from frost and wind. However, despite its intended use in summer due to SPF protection I would advise against applying in the warm season due to its heavy and greasy texture.
That is actually all the cream delivers. Its shades being either too light or too dark (like for extremely tanned people) make it a painstaking job to find a true match for your face. It transfers too easily i.e. wearing scarfs, turtlenecks and touching a phone to your face too often is out of the question since you end up intensely ‘perfecting’ them with that cream. Miracle Skin Perfector sports a nice smell however it reveals alcohol as its ingredient, which is almost a crime for any moisturizer. The tube is designed in a manner that squeezing it I have always ended up with more cream than I needed.
Bottom line is I recommend to steer clear of Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Daily BB Cream.
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