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Body Moisturisers BOTBOT January 18, 2015 1958
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I was so excited when I was accepted for the trial of the Apple & Bears Honey & Hemp body duo. This is a brand that I have not tried before and with my love of natural ingredient body products I was intrigued by this brand.

When my gift set arrived I was thrilled with the packaging. The Body Silk & Body wash are housed in a stunning, high quality sturdy box package that instantly spelled quality and the promise of something special inside… The second product in my review is Honey & Hemp Body Silk as this is the last product you use in your bathing routine.

Apple & Bears is a wonderful family run UK based business and I was thrilled to note that 5% of all profits are donated to the charity Breast Cancer Care. The ethos of this company is clear to see even from the packaging! The bottles are beautiful! They look classy, quality and make a beautiful visual addition to your bathroom. They are made of recyclable plastic in a block white with beautiful and intriguing logs printed on the front. On the rear of the bottle is an extensive list of ingredients. Pure proof of what is in your product with no veiled or hidden ingredients. Honey is a well-known ingredient that has instant and effective firming qualities whilst Hemp is a deeply nourishing with Omega 3, 6 & 9, proven to detoxify and nourish even the driest skins. There is an impressive and extensive list of natural oils in this product that in combination have amazing benefits on the skin. The Body Silk bottle has a handy and practical pump which dispenses a perfect amount of body cream each time, avoiding wastage, fuss and mess.

The Body Silk has an indulgent medium thick consistency and pearly white in colour. The fragrance of the body silk is intriguing. I was expecting the same fragrance as the Body Wash; however, there is a combination of the same fragrance of Hemp, Juniper and Citrus but with a nostalgic and simplistic tone of a generic un-fragranced body cream. This is very difficult to describe in written words but it gives a feeling of the expected fragranced body creams most popular on the market but with a simplicity of a quality, non-fussy body product! I use 4 pumps of Silk for my entire body and the cream is absorbed quickly and easily into the skin. A testament to a highly concentrated product. Once again you can feel a toning sensation upon application and your skin is left mildly fragranced and deeply moisturised. The moisturisation lasts throughout day with no dissipation.
In combination with the Body Wash the Honey & Hemp range most certainly does as it says on the bottle. You are not bowled over by overwhelming fragrance but you are treated to a very effective, toning, nourishing and indulgent bathing experience. I would not hesitate to use other options form this range. Throughout my trial these products have proven their worth and I could not fault their performance in any way. As an addition to your own bathroom or as a gift for a loved one, Apples & Bears have rocketed to the top of my list of quality bathing products.

To sum up the Apple & Bears Honey & Hemp Gift Set my description would be…..purely natural, purely indulgent, made from nature and made with love!

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UK produced product made of natural and organic ingredients. Charity supporting sales. Beautiful classy packaging and concentrated, quality product. Easy to dispense. Beautiful fragrance and instant firming, nourishing and moisturising effect. Highly concentrated and deeply moisturising.
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High quality, luxurious body silk that is multi-tasking with instant visible results. Deeply moisturising and nourishing. 100% natural ingredients
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