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Do I feel like a Goddess?
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This company is a London based British one which sells candles, toiletries , jewellery, and more. Their tagline is;
“Your Journey to Antiquity starts here... Step back in time & let your senses come alive...”
The website has an Ancient Greek looking figure with a pillar in subtle grey and white. I can't say it really grabs me but I suspect it is meant to convey quality and individuality.

The company began in 2004 creating natural hand poured candles and has grown since then to create toiletries as well. They use fine fragrances which are inspired by ancient times. They use organic ingredients and all their products are paraben free and their packaging is all recyclable. None of their products or any ingredients in them have been tested on animals.

I was also impressed to see that this company supports a number of charities including KIDS which helps disabled kids and their families achieve their aspirations. PACT which helps missing and abducted children get back to their rightful parents. Finally HOPE RESCUE which helps save dogs from being put to sleep by re -homing them or getting them to a charity to help.


This comes in a small plastic bottle with flip top lid. The bottle is clear and clearly shows the lovely golden syrup coloured fluid within. The lid is a deep brown colour and the graphics on the front are in gold and show the name and a stylised Greek looking series of columns.


I opened the little bottle to sniff it as soon as I got my little box of goodies. It smelled quite creamy, very slightly of honey but not at all strong. It contains their famous goddess argan oil and is full of vitamin E and natural anti oxidants. It contains no animal fats and has instead a natural vegetable oil based on coconut oil which has a natural glycerine in it.

The hand wash body was is very luxurious in that it does foam but in a lovely creamy way which leaves my hands and body feeling as though I have actually washed them with a mild oil. They don't feel greasy but as as I am washing with it I can feel the oil in the liquid making my skin feel well nourished and my hands not at all dry and tight after washing.

I love the smell, it really isn't strong but it still evident and sweet and creamy but in a natural coconut sort of way. Not in a tropical sun cream way, it really is very subtle and classy and I have not smelled anything to compare it to.

This lovely product has been recommended by a number of beauty sites and places and these include Vogue, Wahanda, StyleNest, Latest In Beauty & Beauty Shortlist and Biteable Beauty.

I am not totally convinced with this natural claim, it sounds rather like Lush's which is a bit questionable. However it isn't as ad as I originally thought when looking at the chemical names.


This is a very nice and rather luxurious hand wash, not that I allowed this out of my clutches for others to try. I have used it to wash my hands and also in my bath. I have applied It rather sparingly as I feel it is a little like liquid gold It certainly looks like liquid gold and the price is also giving that impression. I do like this and love the way it makes my skin feel BUT would I pay £22 for a bottle? Probably, not scratch that, definitely not. I can't imagine ever paying that for a hand wash and it is highly unlikely that I would pay that for a body wash either.

I admire the company ethics and love that is is a British product but why the whopping price tag? It obviously appeals to those who have a lot more spare money than I have to spend. There is a very slight chance that I might treat myself using Amazon vouchers as I don't count those earned through surveys etc as 'real' money. They I use for my treats and for buying birthday and Christmas gifts for family.

I am glad I got to try this small 50ml bottle as there is no way I would have bought the full sized one. That is the beauty of these sites that offers trials and samples as I get to try things I never usually would be able to.

Anyway if you have lots of money or want a lovely treat than this is great.. I'd love to try the Goddess oil made by them but will have to save up or hope it comes in a sample one day!

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It doesn't dry out my skin and feel nice to wash with. Smells nice enough
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VERY expensive and not as natural as they claim
A lovely creamy wash product but expensive
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