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Bath with a Tramp
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Tramp, that is a strange name for a shower gel.

Tramp shower gel is the only product from Lush with the Tramp fragrance. It is an odd name for a shower gel and according to the website and Lush Times, Tramp got its name from its main ingredient; White Horehound infusion. They were going to call it" whore'' but that would have been a bit crude so they called it Tramp instead because as Lush says ''some tramps can be whores!'' Not sure that I can really see the train of thought behind this but that is the story.

Tramp Shower Gel comes in three sizes with prices of 100ml = £3.38, 250ml = £6.80, 500ml = £10.72. Not a cheap gel but you really do only need a tiny amount to get a good lather. It has the usual 'packed by' sticker on it and a use by date but I don't get too worried by these days as I am not eating it after all. It comes in the standard Lush bottle with a flip top lid - at present these are not recyclable through Lush which their tubs are but hopefully they will do this in future.

Okay enough of the story behind what is it like?

The gel is a wonderful dark, dark green colour and mine is quite thick. I find it a little too thick as I have to squeeze the bottle with two hands to get a little out to use. You really need only the smallest amount to get a really good smooth lather, I found that a squeeze about the size about an inch long worm gave me enough to do one half of my upper torso and then I squeezed again to do the other side. I like to let it soak in for a while before rinsing so that I can enjoy the lovely earthy patchouli smell.

What do they put in the dark green gel?

Ingredients: (taken from the bottle)
White Horehound Infusion (Marrublum vulgare), Balm Infusion (Melissa officinalis), Water (Aqua), Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Sodium Cocoamphoacetate, Lauryl Betaine, Propylene Glycol, Sea Salt (Sodium Chloride), Patchouli Oil (Pogostemon cablin), Oakmoss Absolute (Evernia prunastri) Plantain Vinegar Gel, Eugenol, Perfume, CI 57810, Methylparaben.

The main ingredients providing the special properties in this gorgeous green goo are:

Patchouli oil - good for cell rejuvenation. This gives the gel that wonderful deep musky, earthy smell it also has antiviral and relaxing qualities making it good for skin and noses.

White Horehound - often called the archangel herb makes hair shine and skin soft and it is mind calming, spirit lifting herb.

Melissa officinalis - or lemon balm gives a lighter fresh lemony note to the gel and this has calming properties.

Oakmoss Absolute - adds to the patchouli to make that rich, woody, mossy base note.

Does it feel good and work well?

I am not one for showers as I love to lie and linger in a warm bath so I use this in my bath. I love the smell I lie and close my eyes and I can imagine I'm in a warm damp wood. The smell is deep and earthy but the lighter notes of the lemon balm do filter through to lift the scent. I love anything with patchouli in it, a sign of my misspent young in the Biba shops with patchouli oil and joss sticks!

I use only a small amount and lather myself then leave it to sink in so that I get the full benefit from all the properties and aromas in the gel. This means that my skin does retain the hint of all those lovely oils and herbs for some time especially if I use it in my bath before going to bed. The Melissa helps to calm me and help me go to sleep and I can smell a pleasant whiff of patchouli as I nod off.

The other thing I like about Lush products is that when you use them in your bath or shower then the whole bathroom and our adjoining bedroom gets an air freshen as well. My husband often walks upstairs after I have had my bath and sniffs before asking what the smell is tonight. I like this so much I often just open the lid to have a quick smell when I go in the bathroom to do other things ( like clean the bath/toilet etc). It just smells so different, a bit like a mossy wood just after it has rained, a deep strong earthy smell- just lovely and so natural.

Who is this product for?

As Lush products are not full of unpleasant chemicals it should be okay for sensitive skin but it is always advisable to check if something you are going to use contains anything that you are allergic to.

This is a Lush unisex product meaning it is suitable for males and females and I would agree that it doesn't have a flowery feminine scent and I can't imagine a man being embarrassed to smell of this but I really like it too .It probably wouldn't be the one I would choose to give as a it to a very girly girl though.

Is it just a shower gel then?

Lush shower gels can all be used as bath gels and shampoos as well. I tend not to use them as shampoos as I always have shampoo for dry hair and like my conditioner to match. I tend to use the Lush bar shampoos when travelling to save weight and spillage accidents. I do also use the solid conditioner for travelling for the same reason. However if you were going on short holiday you could take this small bottle ( 100ml is allowed in hand baggage) and it would serve as a shower gel and shampoo and that way you need not take lots of bottles and can still travel light with only carryon luggage. I have also heard of other people washing their clothes with this but it is an expensive option for this purpose in my view.


I love this wonderfully different bath and shower gel. It is so soothing and gentle on my skin which is quite sensitive and sometimes reacts badly to shower gels. It smells so fresh and strong and at the same time is calming and leaves my skin soft and fragranced for the rest of the day or night. It is rather expensive but as you only need a small amount it does last quite a long time so probably works out as economical as some others in the long term.

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