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Baths and Showers SamBrezSamBrez December 20, 2011 3259
Lashings of Foam!
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I was lucky enough to trial this product for Ipsos Mori late last year. I had never used a shower foam before so I was not sure what to expect. The can actually sprays out a gel which then turns into a foam. It took me some time to figure out a little goes a long way.

The fragrance was superb and I would recommend it on this alone. But there is more to this compact, little can than meets the eye. The gel/foam feels luxurious and given the price I really was not expecting such good results. My skin felt silky smooth after application.

I am just getting to the end of my trial can that I started on the 19 November. I can't quite believe that it has lasted as long as it has. It has delivered more than 40 applications that's for sure. I will definitely be buying more Foamburst,

Come on Imperial Leather... what fragrance will you wow up with next?

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A great smelling shower foam that does what it says on the tin: over 40 washes!
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Found it difficult at first to control the amount of gel spraying from the nozzle.
Delightful shower foam at affordable price.
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January 28, 2013
This can has lasted an age... I am just getting to the end of it. I can't believe I have had over 60 washes fro this. Definitely great value for money with a great aroma.
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