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Balance Me Super Toning Body Wash
Baths and Showers bakesnknitsbakesnknits April 02, 2017 1003
bergamot infused envigoration!
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Strongest points
+ amazing refreshing smell
+ moderate smooth foam
+ positive looking packaging
+ economical use (small hole for dosage)
+ envigorating effect (best for morning showers)
+ natural ingredients
+ made in UK
Weakest points
- tricky lid (not very convenient screw mechanism)
Balance Me Super Toning Body Wash is a nicely done item for shaking off the remnants of sleep while taking the morning shower. I received this tantalizing product for trialling from the B.o.T. team and I am smack in the middle of enjoying it. The design of the packaging is bright and totally optimistic, I also like that the small hole in the tube allows for squeezing just the right amount (no extra) which helps to use the gel wisely. The wash itself is a runny terracotta-shaded gel with small granules and it smells with my favourite bergamot (that fresh and uplifting scent! I can't stop sniffing it!). It lathers quite moderately: no mountains of foam - just enough for smooth gliding of the sponge. The toning effect really helps to feel invigorated. I even think that my heart rate quickened a bit under its influence during the procedure. I also wonder whether this effect to some extent can help with small dimples of cellulite, but this yet to be discovered. The smell of the wash disappears quickly after the washing and in this case, it can be a good thing since it will not interfere with any deodorant or perfume applied afterwards.
The only inconvenience that I encountered is the lid of the bottle which has to be screwed back which is not very easy to do once you have a handful of a sponge with a certain amount of gel upon it and with the shower running literally from the ceiling upon that very sponge and you risk to wash the gel down the drain before you even apply it to your skin. I wish the wash had a pop-up lid or something like that. But I guess I can manage the unscrewing ritual without any 'casualties' with time.
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