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Acqua di Parma Rosa Nobile Shower Gel
Baths and Showers DeseDese April 13, 2017 1104
Lasts and lasts
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Strongest points
Luxury brand
Attractive bottle
Intense fragrance
Lasting fragrance
Rich textured product
Bottle lasts a long time
Packaging design remains attractive despite soaking
Weakest points
More expensive than family brands
Not widely available
This product comes in a bottle which, at a glance, looks almost the same as the fragrance bottle. It looks absolutely stunning on the side of the bath and makes the user feel utterly pampered and quite decadent. It has a screw top lid which removes to reveal a dispensing insert in the neck of the bottle. The shape of the bottle gives stability The intense, natural-smelling rose fragrance is immediately perceptible. The bottle is very rigid and quite inflexible when squeezed but the product comes out easily nonetheless. The product itself has a peach colour an pearly appearance. It sits well on the fingers or chosen applicator without running away. Very little of the product goes a very long way, so it becomes better value for money. Due to the level of luxury of this product, I kept it for weekends, when I wasn't rushing around and too busy to really appreciate the quality. I found that using it at weekends and during vacations from work on a daily basis, this bottle lasted me over a year. I found this quite astonishing, as I have had other, similar products which have not lasted anywhere near this length of time with the same level of usage. The fragrance is quite intoxicating and give a sensory experience during usage, as well as lasting on the skin after your shower or bath. Another point worth noting is that, despite numerous dousing in the shower, the bottle has remained attractive and the golden label has stayed in place looking just as shiny and appealing as when it was new. After almost a year, I noticed that a little of the gold began to come away from the cap, but it was after an exceedingly long period and number of times in the shower and period sitting in a humid bathroom.
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