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Korres Japanese Rose Shower Gel
Baths and Showers RayRay February 06, 2017 2438
Korres Japanese Rose Shower Gel
(Updated: March 20, 2017)
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Strongest points
Scent is its strongest point, it is really fantastic, not too sweet, but delicate. It is so delicious that you want to use it again and again. How does a Japanese Rose smell? Velvet, sweet essence of rose buds with a slight fragrances of a cherry, apple or something like this.

Creamy-foam shower gel gives my body skin a lasting moisturizing effect and I really have no need to use additional hydrating products.

Pleasant texture of a shower gel and its aroma give you atmosphere in the best spa and aromatherapy traditions.

Beautiful design of the bottle provides ease of use and gives aesthetic pleasure, I like it very much.
Weakest points
Good formula free of mineral oil and parabens, but there are some ingredients that I don't like to be in the products like this.
I was lucky enough to win this shower gel for trial. After using it for two weeks I can already say my opinion about this product. It is the first product among thoose I had already reviewed that has his wellearned 5 stars on all the 5 points. And if not SLS and phenoxyethanol in the list of ingredients I would buy it again and again and recommend it everybody.
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