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Baths and Showers catsholidaycatsholiday December 16, 2014 1978
Bergamot and Green tea for my bath
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I loved the smell of this , sort of fresh and natural a hint of citrus but more herby citrus which is just what bergamot smells like in the essential oils I have. the green tea adds that hint of leafiness as well. I found it lathered quite well but not excessively although it did a good job when I did use it as a bubble bath a couple of times.

I loved the packaging. the box was classy and minimalist while the container is also not fussy, just simple and classic styling. I was more than happy to have it on the side of my bath as it looked luxurious.

The silver press down lid worked efficiently and I had no problems getting the product out even towards the end as I had it upside down at the end.

I did share some with my daughter when she came up at Christmas and she was also impressed but said it was beyond her budget for day to day use.

My skin felt clean and not tight or dried out at all. The smell didn't linger on my skin after I dried myself but I did use the matching body silk afterwards and that was lovely and uplifting.

I had no allergies not rashes from this as I would expect from a nice all natural plant based product.

Lovely if you can afford it

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Lovely natural product with no nasty additives - smells pretty good too
Weakest points
May be a bit pricey for most people on a day to day basis
A lovely clear coloured natural, no animal products or synthetic at all shower/bath gel with a citrus fresh aroma.
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