Bbs Care Pro 1Mhz Ultrasound Massager for Face & Body

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Written by monikasbuceo   November 03, 2018  
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BBS Care Pro is a professional grade beauty ultrasound massager which combines latest advanced technologies once only found in professional spas and beauty clinics. It offers safe and effective body and facial treatments in the comfort of your own home at the fraction of the cost of visiting a high street salon. With this combination of ultrasonic waves and the mechanical vibration generated by a high frequency (1 MHz) current,you can achieve the desired results over a short period of time. Fully automated, easy to use with safe programs for various treatments and skin types and body areas.
- Main Applications :
• Smooth wrinkles
• Minimize pores
• Firm and tighten skin
• Improve blood circulation
• Acne treatment
• Believes muscle pain
• Scar healing, cellulite reduction
• Weight loss
- Suitable for all skin types :
• Oily
• Normal
• Dry
• Sensitive
- Special body massage function:
BBS Care PRO can be used for many skin and body conditions, including: dermatitis and eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Rosacea, eye bags, age spots, stretch marks, saddlebags, pigmentation disorders, spider veins, forehead and nasolabial folds, expression lines, cellulite. It is also helpful in treating many orthopaedic conditions, including: tennis elbow, bursitis in the major joints, painful arthritis.
- The Ultrasound wave intensity is automatically adjusted during treatment to ensure safe and effective operation and it can be programmed to the skin type.

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