GLOV On-The-Go Makeup Removal

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Written by 4lex4ndr4   August 30, 2019  
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The GLOV On-The-Go Hydro Cleanser is an effortless, efficient and simple way to cleanse skin without the need for a cleanser, perfect for travel or as an everyday solution.
Utilising advanced microtechnology, the cleansing glove contains refined, star-shaped fibres up to 30 times thinner than a cotton pad, which boast superior electrostatic properties to absorb makeup, dirt and excess oil like a magnet.
Suitable for every skin type and contact lens wearers, the delicate and naturally antibacterial glove delivers a light yet effective clean with a gentle peeling effect to unveil skin that feels fresher and revitalised. Simply use the make up removing tool with water for an instantly purified and smooth complexion.
Available in different colours.
Biodegradable packaging


Moisten the GLOV with water. Gently rub over skin to remove makeup, flip over to clean side for a double cleanse. Hand wash with a bar of soap after every use. Hang up for fast and easy drying.


70% Polyester, 30% Poyamide

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both simple and complex make-up removal item
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Strongest points
+ decent cleanser
+ lightweight
+ travel-friendly
+ environmentally-friendly
+ substitutes a number of cleansing products
+ easy to clean
+ lasts (re-used) up to 3 months
Weakest points
- may contribute to minor wrinkles in the long term
- a bit pricey
GLOV On-The-Go makeup removal tool is a nice fluffy mitten that is pleasant to the touch in both dry and wet condition. It is easy just to wet it with tepid water and slightly rub the cosmetics and make-up off the face. It usually takes me three applications of each side of the mitten (and in between I wash the item with a regular soap just not to see the black smudges of mascara and pastel colours of highlighter and eye shadow) to get all the make up off my face. If I use any kind of primer or foundation it takes more tries. To my utter amazement it does clean the entire make up with nothing but its texture and water.
The 'glove' indeed saves a lot of money spent on other products like cleansers or micellar water and especially cotton pads and perfect to be taken on a journey (saves up a lot of extra weight). However, I believe that in the long run constant rubbing may benefit the emergence of small wrinkles.
In any case, I can recommend the product.
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